2 Gun Ciz & DJ Bedtyme357 – Pay 2ew Play

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The un crowned king of NY Bedtyme357 is constantly on his job man. He co-signing 2 Gun Ciz so you know I had to check this out, plus Philly got talent man. Shout to Ciz too. He’s def a persistient cat and that’s what it takes to get heard in 2007. We’ll call it persistence without annoyance….cause cats can get annoying with it and shoot themselves in the foot before even getting that foot in the door. Pay 2ew Play man, cats investing in themselves. If you’re in this for the long haul you got’s to put some money up for others to believe in you.

“Bring It Back” was cool, not the best track on the CD but it peaks your interest cause it sounds like Ciz got something to say. I like how he deals with overzelous fiends; “you gotta starve em / sell ’em three ounces then rob ’em / sell it back to ’em / bet they never cause a problem.” Punchlines was tight and he came with the PSA at the end of the song. Peep “Drop It Like Its Hot”; this was the track where Ciz’s sound came together. Tempo is perfect for his laid back flow and he stay with a witty punchline. I like that Ciz got that balance in his content. He can def pitch it from the block (“2ew Gun”) but he’ll be quick to tell you that’s no where to be at, especially if you’re a young cat. “Everyday ” got a different vibe too it. The beat got a lil island flavor to it but the rhyme never strays from the corner. Ciz spit; “the industry crowded somebody giving space up.” and “we in the studio with every dime we can scrap up.” Cats is hungry man and it show on the MIC; this is easily my favorite track.

The flow, the deliver, the cadence is already there; Ciz is straight as far as that go. The “known” beats on this CD were predictible. By that I mean cats been used them to death. When you bout to make a mixtape track you gots to go outside the norm. Find an old beat that’s know that cats maybe ain’t hear in a minute and flip it and make it your own. That shit is the best way for cats to be like “oh shit, I hear that in a minute” and next thing you know you spit some hot lines and you’re holding the listeners attention. MCs hit me and Dimez up…..we do mixtape consultations, lol…naw but seriously. Ciz is on his way, he’s ahead of cats in the way he can balance his content but he needs beats both current and original production. I’m always toughest on the MCs I feel have potential so plan on hearing Ciz in the near future.