2ew Gunn Ciz Interview

What’s goodie 2ew Gunn, let the world know who you are.

2ew Gunn Ciz aka the Rap Vinny Chase aka Visa, Everywhere You Wanna Be aka Real Rap hailing from a small town called Philadelphia, Pa, Northside to be exact. I move crowds, burn booths, and rack up frequent flyer miles.

Where did the name come from and how did it stick?

Ciz comes from my initials. CLC which got shortened to CL and then to Ciz during the whole Shizz, Miz, Riz era in Philly. The 2ew Gunn comes from a freestyle i wrote that I used to do when I was at House of Corrections on State Rd in Philly. The dudes on the block loved it so much that my mans used to knock on my hut like yo come do the 2 Gun jawn. So dudes started callin me 2 Gun. I took it on because I liked the idea of balanced power. One gun is the good gun and one gun is the bad gun. The yin and yang if you will. I definitely have both sides to me, the street and the business. I’ve always kept a foot in both worlds.

Talk about the YBME movement, how did it start, whose involved and what are your goals?

YBME is short for Young Black Mature Entrepreneurs. It started as an idea my cousin Ghost back in the early to mid nineties. He went to Hampton and met up with Cousin T and Crenshaw from Brooklyn and Mallie G from Philly and the idea of street hustlers with business minds was born. We’ve done everything from clothing to political events to music. The goal is to elevate minds of minorities and majorities through positive means with the resources you have been given.

Your like a one man band who has great relationships with the sites, blogs and have a balance between your street and online promotion, how important are these relationships and having that balance?

Alot of artists go one way or the other. I can’t really go one way or the other because then I wouldn’t be me. I got alot of shit with me yo lol. Like my whole persona comes from all these different things I went through. Streets, college, Navy, more streets, corporate America, music, etc. The game is changing and moving to the online side of things so its only natural that I be at the forefront of the indie online game. The bloggers and websites appreciate good music. They aren’t too worried about popularity contests as they are about getting the right dudes exposed. At the same time you have to stay in the streets and let people see you face to face. I put in alot of work in Philly and NY alone the last few years just performing, hosting, and networking all different events with all different types of artists.

Your a frequent mention on rapmullet.com whether on mixtapes or your own, how do you feel about the mixtape game right now and its impact on an artists buzz?

Shouts to the whole Rapmullet family. Real rap, Chew picked me out of a cd Legend hosted that had like 32 tracks or something and gave me a mention. He always shows love and gives good words. He reviewed both my mixtapes and gave good feedback. I actually took the feedback in to the process of making the second mixtape. The mixtape game is the Foundation (B. Mack waddup!) of this hip hop thing since back in the day when cats had the homemade tapes poppin all crazy in the streets. The mixtape DJ’s are the hood tastemakers. They tell you whats next. I get alot of hits because of mixtapes I’ve been on from people who I may have not reached and its dope. Alot of artists poppin now in the industry owe mixtapes for their success.

Let’s talk about your latest offerring ‘Tailgating: The 3 Second Rule’ hosted by your favorites dj, favorite dj, Bedtyme357 (Remy Ma’s DJ), what’s the concept, how did you approach creating it and what do you want listeners to experience?

I wanted to make an album that was kinda like a mixtape lol. I didnt want to call it an album because from a sales aspect I wasn’t going to be pushing it with barcodes and all that. But I didn’t want to do the freestyles the whole time over everyone elses beats. I wanted to show people my range, my flow, my swag and still give them a message. Tailgating means following too closely. Different is the new same. That’s the music biz in a nutshell. Nobody cares about the next new thing really. A&R’s always say you should be original then they sign acts because they are just like so and so. It doesn’t promote independent thinking. I’m me. I’m not anyone other than myself. I may draw from others creatively but my life and my story is unique. My mom told me to never be a follower. So if you are only 3 seconds behind me in my lane then you need to get pulled over. It flows like an album with an intro and skits and everything. Most of the production is original with a few key freestyles that fit in perfectly. Bedtyme is my dude forreal. We ride out on the road with Remy and everything and he understands my concepts and my music so it was only right. We have that Clue and Triangle Offense vibe, that Pap and Slay vibe.

You had a heatrock with your last tape ‘Pay to Play’, how does ‘Tailgating’ differ?

On Pay 2ew Play I felt like I had to prove to people that I could flow. In Philly we have monsters on the mic. I had to show em that I could tear your favorite track apart. I was on my hood jawn real heavy. It was definitely for the streets and dudes that love that hardcore, go in, spit 1000 bars shit. I gave em 3 originals at the end just to give them a sneak preview of what was coming next.

Let’s talk about your stage show, you’ve been touching a lot lately, what does it look and sound like?

It looks like me about to turn green and grow muscles and bust out my shirt on some Hulk shit lol. I look at pics and I’m like damn I look crazy fam. It’s all about energy with me. I’ve always had good energy and connected with the crowd. The thing that I learned after so many shows is the control needed and the vocal clarity needed and the mic control needed to move the crowd. Add the DJ and Cousin T backin me up and it sounds like the future.

What’s next on your agenda?

What isn’t next is a better question. I am going to keep smacking people in the face with this hot music. Drawzilla invited me to take part in Zilla’s World 2 so check for that like asap. His production is classic and next level at the same time. I have 3 EP’s I am working right now with my favorite independent producers, Brizzo, Nachural and Rhythm J. DJ No Phrillz and I are doing an 80’s mixtape. I have a team called the Rap Pack which consists of myself, the duo Clean Guns aka Nico the Beast and Zilla Rocca of South Philly and the duo Magr aka Al Mighty and Distant Starr of Camden, NJ. It will be some next level you can’t eff with us ish. I have millions of collabs I am working on including a track with Shire´, an amazing songstress with a beautiful voice, lovely visual and a hip hop swag. Big Lou, Sic Osyrus, Sha Stimuli, Torae, Blu, Skyzoo, Hedonis, etc. I plan to add more water to the world. I’m taking it from 75% to 90% when I flood the streets in 09.

Where can we find you online?

www.2ewgunnciz.com or 2ewgunnciz.imeem.com or google. I’m all over the net so finding me should be easy. My email is 2ewgunnciz@gmail.com

Any last shouts or plugs?

My family and my new nephew Ashton, mom and pops who read all my interviews and listen to all my music, YBME, PFR, ATM Money Mafia, Jess Lane and the Oceanside Girls Club, Gi Gi Broadway, DWI, DY and the whole Matrix Studios, The Lovely J and DJ Blazita, Cousin Casey aka Casey the Model, iStandard, Inasirkl Music Group, Big O and Beat Garden Management, Yadibox, Triple Nickels, Ravenel Records, Exponent Entertainment, 3BG Marketing, Foundation Magazine, Ace of Spades, Protege Magazine, Jeff Weiss, Pyramid Crue, Ruga, Silky and Lyric and the big homie Deal down in Florida, Jimmy Kendrixx, Bahamadia, Stef Tataz, Goldie Jawn, and whoever else will get mad I didn’t mention y’all names. Oh yea and Barack Obama. Keep an eye out for the kid.

Foundation Magazine | November 12, 2008 11:09 PM | Reply

2ew Gunn whaddup! You know how we do homie, late night rap bout rap on South Broad street n all that. Keep bringing that heat rock muzik!!!!

Pete | November 13, 2008 12:02 AM | Reply

Ciz is and has always been the truth. A truly iconic Philly rapper from day one. He represents Philly and the underground movement to the fullest.
-Pete K

YoAdrienne Productions LLc.

Zilla Rocca | November 13, 2008 12:27 PM | Reply

The most underrated writer in Philly and the best dude to grab a hoagie from Wawa with