40 Glocc Interview

DM: 50 had a hand in every project that comes out of the G Unit camp. How much control are you going to have over your project?

Glocc: I have total control, but P, Hav and 50 will help me guide my record to that right point. They got great work ethics, so I actually want his and Mobb’s hands on my project.

DM: Do you have any tracks laid down for the album yet?

Glocc: Yeah, we laid down lots of shit for the album. P, Hav, Nyce, Sam Scarfo, G Unit, we all putting shit down. It never stops. I got a track that got leaked called “Where Them Hammers At?” featuring Sam Scarfo.

DM: Who do you look forward to working with?

Glocc: I’m with everybody that I want to work with. Point blank!

DM: How did you end up signing with the Mobb?

Glocc: I always used to fuck with P and Hav when I used to see them on the road. I was with Snoop and Tray Dee then. My manager Storm is from the East and he manages them too and that’s how everything formed into a team thing.

DM: Is there pressure to go platinum or is the Mobb going to let you develop as an artist?

Glocc: To me there is no pressure. That’s the last thing I’m worried about. I’m a professional. I don’t need to develop. That’s already been done. Now it’s time to be heard.

DM: Without the obvious kiss ass answers, who inspired you to become an emcee?

Glocc: No lie, N.W.A, Dr. Dre, D.O.C, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, 2 Pac, MC Eight, DPG, Too Short, E-40, Spice 1, Rappin 4Tay. Basically the whole West Coast movement. Them niggas inspired me so much, there wasn’t just one person.

DM: We already know every nigga story about getting locked up and pitching on the block. What’s going to separate you from every other dude that’s poppin hammers and moving weight?

Glocc: I’m that new breed. I’m me. We all live the same lives with different stories. My rhymes pertain to my life. What’s going to be different about me is you get to watch me grow as an artist and listen to a painted Picasso of my life.

DM: What’s your favorite album of all time?

Glocc: All Eyes On Me

DM: You got an estimated release date and album title?

Glocc: Naw not yet. It’s all in the making right now. I have ideas, but nothing final, so I’m not going to speak on it. I do know that my shit won’t hit the streets until Blood Money is released and doing it’s numbers, so go cop that!