50 Cent – War Angel LP

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I love fat women, cocaine and 50 Cent!! Well I don’t really love 50 Cent but I’ll be damned if an 8-Ball and a fat bitch ain’t the mutha fuckin’ wheel. We all love old 50, Power of a Dollar, early mixtape murdering 50 but can he capture that vibe again?

No. He can’t. “I Line Ni99as” was hard tho. Shit knocks like bible salesmen in the midwest. “Ok, Ya Right” is hot garbage. If the shit got any simpler he would sound like a two year old learning to talk. One of the better tracks up on here was “C.R.E.A.M 2009”. That’s that flow we love man, the raw authentic shit. If I could I would wipe my ass with “I’ll Do Anything” and mail it to 50. How you gonna try to take it back to the essence of your come up and throw this smelly tampon of an attempt at hollering at your female base on here. “London Girl” was bout as hard as a marshmallow. What the fuck was that shit? I fucked with “Cocaine” a lil but mostly cause I fuck with cocaine.

Tired ass uninspired hooks and just flat out going thru the motions. That’s this mixtape right here. I expect better from 50 honestly. Maybe he needs to go back and record in Sha Money XL’s basement again cause this ain’t cut it. People want that real shit when you dropping some street shit, this is some fantasy shit that cats ain’t buying anymore. War Angel….sure.