A-Alikes – The Hustler & The Hunted Pt. 3

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I love the title to this mixtape series. A-Alikes (K & Ness) been doing their thing for a minute now. If you’re a fan of real street music, you had to have heard of them, if not now you do. It’s that balance between what authentic street music is and knowledge of what’s wrong with the world today.

DJ Victorious is keeping the mixape moving, shout to that man. He stays pushing talent that needs to be heard while getting the truth out there. Dead ass real tho, this project is a breath of fresh air. I mean content wise if you dig down and pay attention it’s a lil depressing but it’s truth. Not many MCs addressing US economics, class-ism and war like A-Alikes do on “Explode”. “Should be a sign on the earth that reads planet out of order”…flow is serious too. I blame the 24-hour news cycle to contributing to the “explosion”. Not many MCs addressing snitches on a consistent basis either. That’s where “Fuckin’ Wit U” comes in. That focused flow-preaching unity. Beat wise “How Do We Go” is knocking, some neck brace type shit and of course A-Alikes find a way to keep the message moving in the bars. “Divide & conquer” is my shit tho, knocking like landlords looking for late rent. I can’t remember the last time cats spoke truth about how cops and the gov use that shit. It’s knowledge people need to be reminded of, this that rewind music. “Do Your Time” speaks to cats going in with a bid, speaking on the system, slave labor issues…”do your time homie, don’t let that time do you.” Peep “Currency”. “The birds got the flu, the cows is mad, the fish is full of mercury…” I mean the world is def fucked up while cats still chase that paper, that’s truth. The sleeper joint to me is “Celebrate Life”. Shit goes hard; hook gets you tho with a lil up-liftment. “Treeman Part 2” is that soul, providing the project with some balance. “A.R.T” is polished flow wise. Cats on their words which makes that flow liquid and that beat adds to the raw emotion. Cats called Obama a sock puppet on “The Sheep and the Shepherd” which is def real. “They policy is paper over the people”…truth. Before we ride out peep the mixtape flip of “DOI” aka Death of the (music) Industry. “Burn it down lets start that shit over again”. Amen

Solid ass project people. I mean besides the white people are the devil drops I’m riding with it man. For me many different types of people are evil but believe what you believe. Content wise more people need to hear this; cats need that knowledge, that revolution that’s missing in hip-hop in ’09. A lot of realness in these bars and it’s appreciated. Skill wise A-Alikes are on point. I think they both suffer from run on bars at times, too many auxiliary verbs trying to get all the shit they want to say out. I can dig it but that’s when one well-placed word will sum up the whole shit. Regardless this joint in on heavy repeat. Obama’s puppet masters will def not let the revolution be televised but you can find that revolution on a mixtape.