A Letter to Mixtape Fans Everywhere…..

Hello there and happy new year to your and yours. My name is BigChew and I’m a certified mixtape fiend. I’m writing today to let you know that you have choices. You have a choice of which mixtape DJ you listen too. Mixtapes do not end with G Unit/50 Cent/Interscope Records. Did you know that Wu Tang consistently puts out good music? Pick up a DJ Diggz CD and take a listen to La The Darkman or a new Raekwon joint. Did you know there are DJs out there that actually mix records that are old and they make them sound fly as hell? Pick up a Neil Armstrong CD or DJ Unexpected CD. Neil Armstrong can actually tell a love story with a mixtape using skills and the music to tell the story. Ok so your not in a loving mood. Pick up that DJ Unexpected & Mick Boogie CD Directors Cut and hear the story of hustler on the come up and then his downfall. No it’s not a movie it’s music and actual DJ skills telling you the story. I understand, you don’t want to hear scratching and transforming and backspins. Feel like getting smacked around for a minute pick up a Kayslay CD, or Demolition Men CD. If you feel like hating on someone pick up a Big Mike CD or a Chuck T CD. Well maybe you’re not that smart and well….. That’s ok. Then pick up a DJ Lust best of CD from your favorite artist and roll up some weed. Really? You like that rock/hip hop fusion of music aka mash up? Pick up Vlad’s latest and that Oddz N Endz joint too. Bang your head, mental health will drive you wild people. There is no need to yell, your old school right? Well Tapemasta and various websites like Tapekingz have the classic for you to download/purchase. Doo Wop, Chill Will, Mista Cee, and the list goes on. Let’s see….you want a concept, skills, blends, new shit and it should be classic every time out? Look for Greenlantern, Clinton Sparks, Wiz Hoffa, DJ Ideal, DJ Drama, Dirty Harry, Silva Sir-Fa, DJ Odyssey, G Spot, DJ Gera, Dexterity, Pudgee P, DJ Warrior, Spinbad, Statik Selektah and anything that has the symbol-LXG on it!~~ You have choices people. Don’t see these DJs in your spot? Request them. There not on you favorite site? Request them. Blends, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Reggae, Soul, R&B, 80’s, Best Of’s, Worst Of’s, 90’s ect… it’s all there for you. The consumer is the one setting the mark for what moves in the mixtape game. If you request it they will come. Support good mixtapes in your area and make a mark for future generations to enjoy those same good mixtapes. You have choices!

Yours Truly,