Ali & Grand Larceny – Mixtape Masterminds 3

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A big shout to Ali for this one. He did his thing putting the blends together. Kaos committed a double homicide on the cover too. This mixtape picks up where DJ Supreme left off with the Mixtape Masterminds series. Its a Westide Story edition too so as you can see by the cover we putting on some khaki suits and getting our west coast on real quick.

This ain’t really the “new” west either, this is the “classic” west. Better recognize fool. “Fuck All Ya’ll” is g’d the fuck up. Make you want to throw a bitch in a chicken wing and sodomize her. The Game and Tupac is a dope elaboration. Grand Larceny had me open off the beat for “Paint A Picture”. I don’t normally like that synth sound but this was proper. You gotta have “Bad Ghetto Bith” on repeat, that shit will have you steppin’ in khaki suits fo’ real. Spice 1 sounds brand new on “Believe It”. Spice 1 will fuck you up you new jacks better recognize. Hardest shit up on here tho…”Bluff” with Bun B and Crooked I. That beat had my rear view bout to fall off the windshield. “Feel Alive” was a good sound for Game. I don’t really fuck with Game like that but this was dope. The sleeper mix gotta be Camiliano outshining Ice Cube on “Make It Look Eazy”.

Grand Larceny got that solid production and Ali made ’em come to life. The project as a whole got great timing and a consistent vibe. That’s not easy to do now a days either. Work was most def put in on this project and it’s appreciated cause blends in ’09 are like Chinese guys in the NFL…non existent.