Ali Vegas – Transition To Power

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Superstar J and DJ L-Gee are hosting, shout to them. They some DJs that stay pushing artists in the street. Man, it’s been a long journey so far for Ali Vegas in this hip hop world. Shit, I don’t know a lot of MCs that would have the patients he has but in the end the music stays dope and consistent. I know the lyrics will be thick on this project so I’m working out the rewind button as I type this.

You can’t be the prince of NY without bars so you know it’s heavy on here. “Wise Young Man” has the ill hook and breaks down the Ali Vegas come up somewhat, the patients the focus on the MIC. I had to rewind “Start” like five times to take it all in. “If you the illest MC on earth then I’m standing on mars”…that’s my shit right there. “Reasonable Doubt” is that bounce, that fluid ass flow that most ’09 MCs lack. That freestyle with 50 Cent is a jewel and half for real. Couple of hungry ass cats going in on the radio. That shit was fly. The concept of “Testify” is beyond concept track IMO. Talk about breaking down the topic of “shit talking”…damn. He spit from a completely different perspective too. That “Swag” skit was classic too. Pretty much sums up how these MCs today think they can get over. Like I say…too much swag and not enough actual style. My favorite joint on here tho mixtape flip wise was “Narcotics”. He flipped that Bow Wow beat and spit from the perspective of drugs. Cat’s today aren’t even smart enough to spit like that now. That’s why he’s Ali Vegas I guess. The story telling ability gets some sine with “Betrayal of a Thug”. The versatility is undeniable people.

I think Ali Vegas is one of the few MCs that will have a better album than mixtape(s). Don’t get me wrong, this joint is cool as a fan. I’m just saying with his ability to rock concepts, tell stories and really spit some true-life music he can’t miss. The beats gotta be on point tho but the potential for “Illmatic” status is there. The thing that separates Ali Vegas from the mass of other MCs is the fact he spits intelligent bars. He makes sense and you can tell he’s an intellectual dude who just happens to rhyme.