AvE – Stand & Deliver

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Welcome AvE to the Rapmullet review section. Shout to Mad Ciphas Ent for the submission…cats putting in that work. AvE is from the Bronx and this here project is hosted by DJ S&S…yes; my old school mixtape heads that’s the real DJ S&S.; His presence on here is undeniable…DJs take notes on how to host an artist mixtape.

You can hear right off the “intro” AvE can rhyme; the delivery is explosive. “Stand & Deliver” is the title track so to speak. The beat grew on me but the bars and hook are where it’s at. “When I cook crack, yea it’s usually on the Pro Tools / that’s why my name rings like it’s jewlery from the old school.” This joint is def your do dirt music. “Somebody put me on cause I’m past due / honor roll flow, I’m on top of my class too / haters keep it quiet if ain’t nobody ask you / for we catch you and hang you out the window like fast food…I’m that dude.” Ahh man that “Coast to Coast” joint is my shit! AvE turned those beats into vegetables. “Give It to Me” sounded a lil forced with Melody on the hook but S&S; brought the best out of that track with the ad-libs. “No Reason” is a beast of a track. I think we need a video to this one…beat is crack-a-licious and every MC goes in like there’s piles of free money in the booth. Mickey Factz said..”fuck ya lady, you be eating out a tramp”…hahahaha. You gotta rewind “The Future”…Esso features and AvE adds a little of that witty fly shit to the BX.

I can’t front, AvE pushing that quality product. Some MCs always push schwag aka mexican dirt weed, some MCs push that purp every now and then and some MCs consistently push quality shit…thats AvE. Mixtape wise the project is bangin’, S&S; def held it down. Music wise AvE is like one break away man. I didn’t hear a flaw in the flow, delivery or none of that shit so it’s really just a matter of time and finding a way to challenge himself to get even better. He most def Stood and Delivered on the mixtape now we’ll see if it’s deal or no deal.