Balance & Big Rich – Unda Dogg Kingz

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Just so you know there is def more to the Bay Area then “hyphy”. That’s were Balance and Big Rich come into play. A couple of lyrical cats who def keep it real on the MIC as well as stick you for you re-up…metaphorically speaking. Honestly tho I know what Balance brings to the table, he’s a mixtape king for christ sake but I’m new to Big Rich. I can’t see Balance fucking with someone not up to par so lets get it in already.

Just so we are clear, DJ Rick Lee is holding shit down like the vet he is, keeping the mix moving and the skills shinning on this project. I’m telling ya’ll, one listen to “Bang ‘Em Anthem” and you will be hooked and then say…”the Bay got bars!”. Big Rich got bars especially. He all but stole the show with his verse on “Get Money”. As far as the colabo’s go “Crack Music” was strong like bull. Big Rich, Balance, Scipio and Glasses Malone on the same track is a serious problem; this joint def deserves some mixtape love. If you told me last week I would be bumping a track that featured Akon and Coolio I would have told you to get the fuck outta here but truth be told the track is crazy…”Nothing Changed”. Balance is master of words man and that makes the flow that much more potent. Balance and Papoose on a track is a great fucking look…two mixtape kings getting it in on some bounce. My favorite joint tho….”Speakers On Blap”. Man, the beat just highlighted the bars so lovely…this is that well rounded sound, chopped hook and all. Not only that Rick Lee mixed that shit righ into “Balance Is The Name” with precision. If you don’t know that track I can’t help you cause that track been the shit for a minute. The track that wraped it for me as far as Big Rich goes was “Back & Forth”. Just like he said in the first line..”the flow so flawless” and that’s the truth. “I’m Just Getting Warm” is the sleeper just for the fact it’s at the end of the CD. This joint got mad energy, the anticipation of what cats are gonna say on that beat is crazy…I was hanging on cats lines like a fiend.

I’m glad cats sent this joint in for review, shit was a breath of fresh air man…true story. It’s just cats going in with the bars man on every track. I’m def gonna be checking for Big Rich now, he’s got the flow to make some major music and along side Balance it’s some next level shit. I think a lot of MC could take notice too. Here you got two lyrical giants sharing the spotlight putting a quality, timeless product out for the fans and they both win…that shit is rare in 2007 Hip Hop.