Beedie & Billy Hoyle – Very Legendary

After steeping my ears in Very Legendary for a week I would describe this album as versed, genuine and relaxed.

Beedie has what I call a stoic flow. On some grown man shit. Vocally I wouldn’t call it monotone, its just even keeled with very little inflection either way on the spectrum of emotion. Not too high and not too low. That’s not to say his bars don’t elicit emotions though. I appreciate the way he spits because it allows you to hear exactly what he’s saying.

Truth be told this is a very hard review to write. Not because I don’t like the music, but because how do I convince whoever is reading this to listen to this fire album? What can I say to make you press play and hear what I’m hearing? Do I tell you how Reality Check knocks like landlords looking for pass due rent but smooth enough to duck out the back door avoiding paying that shit? How Beedie’s word play deftly weaves in and out of said knocks while talking his shit? Do I mention the introspection on Letters From The Bottle? The wit? How Beedie and Billy Hoyle are breathing life back in like a c-pap, don’t you sleep on that? Do I mention that I don’t really like features in general but Vic Spencer air-bended the shit out of his verse like he was the Avatar? Or how BlackSunZu’s sleepy flow had me captivated over that ill as vocal sample that Billy Hoyle cooked up? Do I talk about the alliteration (Carmine 6 & Forefathers), the storytelling (In My Dreams), how the beat on Night Shift keeps the subtle drum taps in the right ear phone only while Beedie floats effortlessly over the track?

I listen to a lot of crack selling pistol pop street music and this album right here is the perfect ying to that yang. It provided me balance, it is balance. It’s the perfect compliment to getting high with some head phones on thinking about life or riding out in your car laid back doing the same. The album is honest, it’s well produced, it’s what hip hop is and should be. Everyone wants to be up on that MC or producer that’s fire but that doesn’t yet have mass appeal. That gem that only you know about and you get to pull them out shinning and look like you have your ear to the street. Beedie and Billy Hoyle are that gem, right now. How do I get you to listen?”