Beedie – Most Slept On

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Fitting title to Beedies mixtape. DJ Rated R keeping this party moving like only he can do. Shout to him. 15 tracks strong with more than enough talent to make it to that next level, this is Most Slept On the mixtape.

“Sound Of The City” been on repeat. Exactly what you want to hear on an artist mixtape. “Catch Em All” knocks like sheriffs serving subpoena. I wouldn’t call it a concept track but it plays out like one in the end. Best track up on here is “Fly”. It’s a lil different sound than what I usually hear Beedie on but it works well. Jev The Ghost was aight too. Beat is crazy tho, that head nod and the hook got ya ear. My sleeper track is “Dreaming”. I like to hear about the struggle, see how bad an artist wants to make it. This track is all drive.

I can keep telling you how DJ Rated R makes the music shine that much more but you should know that by now. He’s perfecting this shit. Beedie on the other hand is shinning on his own too. You hear flashes of an MC poised to garner mass appeal through skillful honest bars. I know this isn’t his best joints tho. He’s got shit in the stash, this is a jab the knock out blow is on deck…let’s hope they time it right.