Ben Franklin & Lil Skrilla – The Movement

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Welcome Ben Franklin to Honestly we at Rapmullet get a lot of new artist mixtapes and me personally I choose two new artist Mixtapes a week that I’m gonna fuck with and sadly the rest get deleted or shelved. It’s nothing personal MCs, timing is everything though. South Philly in the place to be, I’ve been hearing a lot about MCs from Philly lately. Could Philly be the next city to officially blow up?

The first thing I notice about Mr. Franklin is he can switch is flow up like it’s nothing. I heard him switch gears on a few of the “freestyles” and then 180 it on a track like “Fuckin’ With A Gangsta”. I’m pretty sure Lil Skrilla said this mixtape was older which explains why Ben is rhyming over “Lean Back” and “I Shot Ya”. Subject matter wise there is alot of gun talk, drugs and of course the staple “wifey” track. I didn’t hear him really stray from what he knows. “Move Around” was def a forced track. After hearing Ben Franklin rhyme about 100 shot clips and yayo I can’t see him trying to get up in the club to “Move Around”. Plus the beat was casio’d out like a fake ass Axel-F impression. “Never Change” was probably the mose introspective track on the whole CD and def lets the listener know he has some versatility with the subject matter.

There is no denying Ben Franklin can rhyme, shit is evident throughout. He murdered the “Champ Is Here” beat but I think we need an updated version; new beats, new concepts and just plain new songs man. Lil Skrilla def has an ear for talent but what he really needs to do is get Ben Franklin in the studio and drop a new mixtape.