Beyond Rest – 2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted

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I consider myself a boxing enthusiast. I’ll watch any weight class of boxing if the fight is compelling. As a matter of fact, I used to watch Bum Fights and heaven knows that shit was horrible, but every time a muthufucka got smacked in the mouth I had to rewind. Of all the fights I’ve seen, one of the saddest things to watch is when a fighter returns from a long lay off and he’s used to crushing his opponents, but for some reason, in this particular fight, he just can’t seem to put the combinations together.

Remember when Roy Jones fought Tarver for the first time? Roy was just a dynamic presence in the ring and we all assumed that Tarver was going to be another victim of a dominant fighter who was considered one of the pound for pound best of the decade. Right after they did the introductions, everyone in the Smack (my basement…where the fellas smack asses, smack beers, smoke or anything that’s smackable damn it!) got the feeling that Roy might not win this one. Not only did he not win, in the immortal words of Smokey, he got “knocked the fuck out!” The image that remained in my mind was Roy’s head bouncing off the canvas and his Jordan shoes facing the air.

Beyond Rest may have won “Best Blend Dj’s of 2008”, but not like this. They look like Roy when he came into the ring that night. It wasn’t a good look to put themselves on the cover of the mixtape, it wasn’t a good look to drop some top 40 shit, and it definitely wasn’t a good look to call it “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted”. What the fuck are they wanted for, hitting us with the same shit that we hear on the radio everyday, with beats from the same shit that we hear on the radio everyday?

I would say “real talk”, but niggas might not take me serious, but I’m going to tell Beyond Rest how to fix this, because they’re my peoples. First you hit the lab hard for about a month, next you get some classic beats and you leave that R&B; shit to a minimum. Next you go back and listen to “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted” and realize that the hardest shit was “Love Me No More” b/w “Paper Touchin”. That shit was gangsta, until you switched to that “Gangster, Gangster” beat. The mixtape went downhill faster than a fat bitch in a shopping cart after that. Technically the mixtape was tight, but I deleted this entire joint after I finished the review. I expect more from Beyond Rest and you should too.