Big K.R.I.T. – See Me On Top III

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Mississippi in the building once again. I don’t check for many artist these days but I’m always down to hear somethting new from Big K.R.I.T. No lie, one of my favorite artist from the south. Ever since I heard his project with Wally Sparks I’ve been a fan. He’s one of those artist that you almost hope doesn’t really blow up cause you want him to keep that edge, that realness in the music. I hope he does get that money, shine and fame tho, he deserves that shit fo’ real.

DJ Infamous is hosting and keeping this moving, shout to him. Never really heard an Infamous project before but he def has that DJ Drama cadence down to a tee. He did his job tho, I can’t front. Musically where do I start? I know some of ya’ll been reading my reviews for ever so you know I’m big on authenticity. If you don’t come off as authentic on the MIC you might as well be trying to sell me tube socks on the side of the road, it’s no different. Big K.R.I.T is about as authentic an MC as I’ve heard….north, south, east, west…it don’t matter.

“History Remembers Kings” is the jump off and Big K.R.I.T hangs his heart on the MIC with this one. It’s rare you find MCs that can spit real shit, have a message and still keep shit gangsta as hell. It’s not that ignorant gangsta shit either, it’s that educated, been there done that and here’s the real talk about it gangsta shit. One of Big K.R.I.T’s strengths is the hooks. Listen to “Don’t Lose Count” and tell me you don’t end up singing that shit. Mad cats good at hooks but when you hear the rhyme that shit is filled with substance, life jewels for the youngin’s and all that. That’s real “G” shit too. I was taught you always give back, spread that knowledge, take that lil homie under your wing and school him to how shit works. That’s what K.R.I.T is doing on that track. The versatility continues on “She’s My Biggest Fan”. The track is def lighter than most K.R.I.T tracks, your obligatory “female” type track but the common denominator is he says some real shit. “Can’t ball till I fall cause I got to pay rent”. I can dig it. “Private Dancer” has hit potential if you ask me. Who can’t relate to the strip club? Not only that this track got it all…beat, hook, bars…one of the most well rounded joints up on here. What’s even crazier is that K.R.I.T produced most the tracks on here too. “Lights Out” beat wise is that knock. I wasn’t really into this hook but I can appreciate the neck-snap-ed-ness of that beat. He got something for everyone on here. “My Last Time” got that pimped out feel to it as does “Boast Or Brag” The flow is wicked on the later of those two.

What the fuck else you want me to say about dude? If you looking to invest in a bona fide rap star cut the fucking check already cause Big K.R.I.T is the truth. Big ups to Wally Sparks for putting me up on K.R.I.T’s music, appreciate you man.