Big Lou – 24 Hourz Mixtape

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Ahhhh man, here we go. Lyrics…lyrics…lyrics…lyrics…and more lyrics. I’m picturing where Big Lou’s would be right now if he would have come up say in 1995 as an MC. I know one thing; he would have been hailed as quite possibly one of the “kings” when it came to MIC skills. That skill is lost on a lot of the new generation of hip hop fans who walk around like zombies not even knowing what their favorite MC is saying, just that they like the beat and the hook sounds nice. Makes me want to slap someone.

This project right here was recorded in 24 hours, hence…24 Hour Mixtape. I believe it too. Lou is a hungry cat and not only that he sounds like he’s ready to out work Obama right about now.

“Fuck U” is the anthem. He said “I’m a shark with too many watered down flows barracudas”. The hook for “Let ya Dough Show” is proper…a Jadakiss chopped line with Lou flipping words like fat bitches flip calories. This track right here is how you eat a beat. I think he used five different flows throughout too. He toying with that shit like it’s nothing. “Livin’ In The City” is that polish, that full circle standard type track…hook, bars, hook bars type shit. One of the things I heard people saying before was Lou couldn’t do singles ect but he does it well on this one. “You better jump on that bowflex and tune up your no neck , cause fucking with a cyclone you’re no threat, knock you outta your gortex see more checks before more teks ‘ll leave you on your mamas door step.” Damn! That’s off that “Blaire Witch Style” joint and I could quote the whole song really. “Classical Collection” got a cool ass vibe and with lines like “the resurrection of Pacs anger” you should already know what it is. “Cry” is Lou at his best tho. That real life, raw emotion on a beat. That Christopher Cross sample in the beat was dope too. MCs can’t do it like this and that’s why Lou is who he is.