Big Lou – Goya Product With A Twist Of Soul Food

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Tell me you don’t love the title of this project? DJ Vlad and DJ Camilo are holding Lou down on this one. The Spanish Frank White will not be denied. One old ass falling off DJ is not gonna stop the show that’s for sure.

I love the format of this joint. When everyone is dropping EPs(I love the EP too) here comes Lou with a 32 track, 40+ feature project right to your chest plate. If it was 32 tracks of nothing but Lou it might be overkill but with those features your ear never gets tired. You can’t escape it. It’s a bold move but bold moves get you noticed.

That’s right I did say 40+ features. Here’s a glimps…Vinnie Paz, Cassidy, Math Hoffa, Sav Killz, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Chino XL, Cuban Link, Nino Bless, Nicci Reyo, Famoso, Mr. Probz, Juganot, Pitbull, Termanology, Emilio Rojas,Tony Touch, Mysonne, Mike Beck(rip), Agallah and thats just the ones I remember off the top of my dome. That in and of itself is a feat never mind the fact everyone spit acid in their features.

Where do you start when you have 32 tracks? I’ll start with my favorite track, which could be Cyber Bullies with Math Hoffa and Sav Killz. That joint is as raw as you can get. Lou spit: “a lot of rappers acting ni99as need Oscars”. It could be Latin Connection with Shabaam Sahdeeq, chino XL and Thirstin Howl. How they added that “But I Am Still Thristy” in the hook was genius. Chino XL beasted on this joint too. It could be Brothers with Nino Bless, Cuban Link and Krutch. Nino said: “fucking with me will that’ll get you hurt, like walking thru Camden with a fuck Big Lou shirt”…lol. Matter of fact it could be This Is with James Dio on the hook. Talk about raw emotion this song flat out inspires. Or maybe it’s Lou’s verse off Down To A Chemistry. I don’t know man, it’s getting harder and harder to call it. Then you got Mr. Probz laying one of the most gritty soulful hooks I’ve heard in a minute on Hold On. Or is it the rapid flows off I Run This with Doitall and That Advocate that is the best track? Then you got Lou, Mysonne and Kilogram trying to…Get Paid. That joint hard as concrete and a true anthem for the money getters. I truly can’t call it but what does that really tell you…Lou got joints for days on here.

The epitome of Anti-Pop Hip Hop is found right here people. Nothing but authentic bars and an unmatched hunger for putting out quality hip hop. I’ve gone back and forth on rating this project all week. It hasn’t been easy. On one end it’s one of the best artist mixtapes to drop this year, it’s a complete body of work and then some. Storytelling, authenticity, fun, ignorance…its all on here. What you call a range of hip hop emotions. Does that make it a classic? To some if might and I was leaning that way. Then I thought is this the best Big Lou can do? I don’t think so. I think there’s room to grow and as scary as it sounds I’m expecting him to top this release all while making some of the most street certified music to come out the east in years.