Big Lou – Playtime’s Over

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This week the artist mixtapes have been all about the lyrics. I’m diggin’ the fact that cats are super lyrical with it cause the mainstream is all ass cheeks and loose pussy lips right now. I don’t know if you heard big Lou’s previous mixtape but before you listen to this one do yourself a favor and go cop the old one then get your hands on this joint. I’m gonna make a bold statment and say that New Jersey right now got lyrics on lock…more so than NYC that’s for sure.

The mixtape started out a lil slow for me. “Seems Like” is deep but the vibe didn’t cut it for me to jump off the CD. The track is all truth and you can marvel at the MIC skills but I would have started the CD off differently. “Party People” was the spark that got the CD heated up. Big Lou breaking down the sorry state of the music industry and these fake MCs with percision. What can I say about “Lyrical Izm”? Classic beat with classic bars as Big Lou gives you a look into how he came up in the game. One thing all these other MCs need to worry about is getting a feature from Big Lou…he will straight up eat you alive on your own beat or if it’s his beat you still get eaten alive. Case in point is the joint with Sheek Louch called “The Champ Is Here”. Sheek went in no question but Lou took it to a whole nother level. “You know we run up in your house / fondle on your spouse / she wanted kids so I put a day care in her mouth.” Hahahahaha. Peep the energy on “I Survived The Hood”…crazy; playtime is def over. How can you not appreciate Joell Ortiz and Big Lou on the same track. “Latin Assasins” is my joint. These two MCs are truly the future of Hip Hop in NYC…fuck all these other lames claiming that shit. “Well Rounded” got me amped cause you can see Big Lou fucking with the flow and cadance; he’s actually making himself a “well rounded” MC and he turned it into a track…genius. God damn Vein went in on “They Don’t Understand”. Her and Big Lou trading verses like they been doing it for mad years; they spittin’ acid on this one. Picture this: Big Lou spittin’ over RZA’s “Reunited”. That’s what “Wu Homage” is all about. I’m not gonna say anymore cause this is Rapmullet Trap House music. Big Lou hits the boards for “My Girl” as well as pens a dope ass concept record.

I could give you more highlights but fuck it you will have to find this joint and cop it for yourself to get your fix. Dead ass real I can’t see anyone fucking with Big Lou lyrically and conceptually. I also can’t see him losing in this game either; listen straight through, every track and you’ll hear why. To say he’s hungry and focused is an understatment. I don’t know who’s gonna sign him but like Kay Slay said on the intro “get the check books ready”.