Big Lou – Resurrecting The Dead

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Welcome Big Lou to Rapmullet. Hailing from Camden NJ, he’s an MC with strong ties in the tri-state area who knows the importance of building a fan base. If you haven’t caught him performing live you should and to these other “no stage presence” MCs that already made it in the game, you could learn a thing or two. Kayslay is hosting throughout so you already know the hoods gonna love it. I don’t usually mention the art work on mixtapes but Lou himself has a unique sound and now he’s got a unique cover to compliment it. I don’t know if you other MCs are taking notes but one things for sure Big Lou has got his shit together.

If you get a chance, lyrically break down “Paying Homage”. The thing that stands out to me the most is if you listen real close when Lou is introduced he gets some mild applause but after that first a capella verse you can hear the crowds energy grow. That’s how you know your words are hitting people in the head. There are few accomplished “Rappers” that can do this, selling records is out the window when it comes to connecting to a crowd. Big Lou takes it back on “The Resurrection ” and proceeds to “kill Kanye west with a hand granade.” To say Big Lou attacked this track is a gross understatement. Click the link and listen….damn! He said “blending nouns and verbs / infatuated with words / my future was looking blured / so I emerged hugging the curb”; Lou got the word play and flow on lock people. He’s got that Smooth Da Hustler/ Trigga Da Gambler flow but with a real life conscience to just tell the truth. “Hey, Hey, Hey” got Lou shifting gears on the flow, I’m diggin’ the versatility and the punch lines are mad sharp. “Takin Over” got a beat with some club appeal but the rhyme is all pissy stair cases and fiends in the hallway type shit; plus that Jay vocal on the hook holds your ear something proper. Oh so you wanna know if Big Lou can get deep with it? Peep “Spiritual Metaphysics” and you got your answer. You get even deeper with “Poppa Poppa”. This is that music cats can relate too. These new jack Hip Hop fans still in ya teens need listen to “Grown Man” and learn you some shit. That’s right Big Lou got a message in the music too. As far as well rounded tracks goes, “Hold On” got that thump and it got that mass appeal. Let me slow my roll on the highlights real quick but before I go the sleeper/classic track of the mixtape hands down is “Jackin’ For Beats”. I’m not gonna say no more.

I don’t know how Big Lou does it man. I’m exhausted just after running through the CD back to back a couple times. He attacks every track on the project like it’s his last meal…….it doesn’t get much hungrier than that. As far as an artist mixtapes goes this is how you come off to the public. The CD is truly a showcase; from the word play to the flow, to the content, to the versatility, to the realness of the whole project. Ain’t no more to it man but to go check out the links:,, contact: .