Big Mike – Addicted To The Game 4

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I must at all times in the day have a bottle of water near by. I’m addicted to bottle water people. There, I’ve said it…half the battle is over and I can’t start my recovery. I used to be addicted to the mixtape game and well then everyone thought they could do it and here we are. Lil Wayne is on the verge of extreme over exposure (keep those Weezy mixtapes dropping), R&B; is the new “Hip Hop” supposedly and the number of MCs/DJs/CEOs/Fake A&Rs; out number the true hip hop fans. What a great time to “not” like hip hop. You think I’m being funny but it’s true. Someone bring back the boy band and let hip hop rebuild itself already.

I’m glad to see Big Mike back on this “exclusive” shit somewhat. Way to many wannabe’s who can’t play their position. Honestly I thought I was gonna despise “My Drink And My 2 Step” but to my surprise the shit is catchy and Cassidy is a breath of fresh air with the bars. I see this track catching fire for the summer depending if they follow it up with the visuals ect. While I’m confessing, I might as well admit I’m diggin’ “Big Spender” too. Not so much for Jay Z but Freeway got that intensity and a unique pressence on the MIC. Is it “Sexy Lady” or “Bottles Poppin”? Inquiring minds would like to know. Watch the Rapmullet collective of MCs eat that beat alive 10 times better than Jimbo Jones. Hardest (NH) track on the CD is Styles P over “Runnin Da City”. D-Block needs to sound like this everytime out the box. I still don’t know why cats are rockin’ “From The Ghetto”, not like the beat is fly and cats are not saying anything new that hasn’t already been said about the ghetto. The mixtape game needs a new Lloyd Banks mixtape right about now. I still fuck with “We Bang” and Banks need to get some new product out in the streets. I’m not even gonna bother commenting on the rest of the CD.

Two years ago, shit…even a year ago Mike would have been one of maybe 5-6 DJs to have the “core” of these songs. Now cause artists just gives shit out like it’s free government cheese you get 15 mixtapes with one or two of these “exclusives” with a buch of bullshit along side of them every single week. If you peep the formula on here its the same as it’s always been for Mike, problem is tho exactly what I said previous…cats (even on the streets) are hearing these songs before they pop up on a big name mixtape DJs CD. People will argue that cats still cop the mixtape and I agree they do but they aren’t cop’n like they used to and that’s a fact. Men lie, women lie, shit even children lie but the bottom line never lies and the bottom line is…cats, not just Big Mike, ain’t moving like they used to. What is it that people say about change? Oh yea, you either change with the times or you get left behind.