Big Mike & Belly – Death Before Dishonor Vol. 3

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Welcome Belly to Canada has a lot of talent man, I can’t front; MCs and DJs. It’s always a good look having Big Mike hold down your mixtape. Truth be told Mike’s pimp hand is strong all around the world so you’re getting maximum exposure. Belly is another polished MC ready for prime time, shit he has a double album dropping this summer.

“Hush” is how you jump your mixtape off. Hook is catchy and draws you into the rhyme like a jump off should. “In The South” and “I Swear” are mixtape napalm. On some true Swangin’ type shit Jokaman laces his verse and him and Belly make a pefect colaboration. Now with “I Swear” you got Scarface putting it down so you know it’s living legend type shit. This track has the best hook on the CD hands down. Belly shifts gears with the flow on “Thunder” over a AC/DC laced guitar sample. The track has a nice bounce to it and Bone Thugs got nothing on Belly, ya hear me? “Work” got me open on the highway. It’s that hot Canadian fish grease people. I’m back on that “owning” the mixtape tracks type shit and Belly owned “Way To Hood” over the beat for Conceited. I’d rather hear this track anyday over the original and thats how you know the shit is hot. “Let Me Live” beat wise is a hit record, reminds me of Dr. Dre track. The only thing holding this joint back is the hook cause the rhyme is virgin tight. “Get Gone” is my sleeper track. I’m on that slow flow music and I like how he was breaking down the weed in the rhyme.

Canada’s got a serious problem on their hands in Belly. I’m def gonna be looking for that double album- “The Revolution Is Coming”. The range on the mixtape is deep, going from a track like “Dead Soldiers” to “Let Me Live” to “What You Say” with Bump J. Like I said above, Belly is a polished MC. I didn’t really any flaws in his shit. If I had to pick one thing to improve upon it would be a couple of hooks. It’s all good to be doing your own hooks but sometimes a female singing would be cool to switch it up or like how they did “In The South”. I can def fuck with a chopped up hook that is saying some shit. Regardless Belly is good to go on the MIC, he’s a true hustla and he’s got a good team behind him with Capital Prophet Records. DJs check him out over at and support good music.