Big Mike – Cruel Summer 2K6

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I see cats been on the Rapmullet message board going back and forth with Whoo Kid and Mike, fuck it just give me some good music. I don’t care who got what and with who and this cat is scared and looking for him ect ect, fuck it give me some good music. I see Mike is resurrecting a past title and well that shit fits and it works so props to him for bringing it back and bringing back on some new hot shit.

I seen “D Block Reggaeton” on the track list and shook my head but the track is fuego homie, don’t disrespect La Unda again! Now speaking of hot shit you gotta marvel at Banks’ 8 minute radio freestyle. WooooooooW! And cats still front on Banks? Hell no, he can get it in on any MC right now. “Bitch Get Off Me” is tight while “Nah” is all clock radio speakers. That’s what you get from the MOBB now a days, it’s 50/50 (pun) with the hot tracks vs that weakness. I gotta be honest with ya’ll, I don’t like “44 Fours”, call me a hater. Ok, is it me or has the latest Dip Set joints been a little weak? “Exstacy” is aight though, that JR Writer album is nice man, go get that when it drops. Haha, you know Ransom coming proper every time out. “Soul To Keep” is that deep shit, gotta love an MC that give his all time and time again. There go Remo too, “Just Say No” is how most these cats feel but scared to say it, props to Remo for truly keeping it real.

It’s a cruel summer for mixtapes people, ain’t nothing sweet about it except the corn on the cob I’ll have at the BBQ in a couple weeks. The time is now for this game to get real. DJs gotta let their balls hang, talk that shit and back it up. No more fake shit, no more slick talk, time to walk that walk and show the game you got this shit in a choke hold. Same thing for the female DJs, time to put these other so called mixtape DJs in their place. Steel vagina ladies, lets get it. I’m buggin but fuck it I wanna see some fucking progress this summer and I wanna see cats own they shit!