Big Mike & DJ Antalive – Big Boy Blends Vol. 1

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Finally some more blends. What does it take to get a blend CD now a days? You would think these DJs would have shit in the stash and capitalize off the “creative lull” that is plaguing the game right now. Worst case scenario is all the creative CDs drop at the same time, remember timing plays huge part in everything even with mixtapes. I never heard a DJ Antalive CD, I know he heavy on the streets of NY though and he got skills but what can Big Mike bring to the table blend wise?

Don’t be surprised if the kid Big Mike blended up some shit. You can’t really tell on this CD but you never know. Just from the first couple of blends you can tell we got some feel good highway music people. Fuck the AC and put the window down let that wind hit you doing 85 while you system cracks out some shit. We only fucking with the official highway joints in the review so lets go. “Straight Up” over “NY Shit” is where it officially jumps off, let the lead out people. Cassie’s “Me & U” over “Made You Look” will have you breezing though tolls with confidence while you nod ya head. Ahh man, that Pussy Cat Dolls shit killed my vibe, time to pull off the highway and take a piss, in the woods no less. The boy Premoalc AKA 6′ 6″ was right about Jaheim’s “Chosen One” over “Get Away”, shit is like a smokey red charcol brickette; time to get back on the highway. “Torn” b/w “Bonified Hustler” is classic ruff neck blend music matching up that crack music with some R&B, it’s an acquired taste but high class none the less. Damn, I caught a flat, good thing I didn’t miss anything with Lil Wayne’s “Hustler Music” and Mya’s “Best Of Me”, yuck! We sweating on the side of the road now with blends of “Soldier” (nope) and Donell Jones. I like the “Sky’s the Limit” beat but shit was average at best. We back on our blend road trip again and the “Stunner Shades” joint actual was better than the original. The sleeper blend is Lil Wayne rhyming over “It’s So Hard”. This was joint, fuck Chris Brown, we need more Wayne on that beat, crazy.

Bottom fucking line, Antalive got an ear for some hot shit, Mike too I’m not gonna front on him. There was a nice balance of top 40 with classic beats, little cuts here and there and just the right amount of talking. Considering the lack of blends out right now this joint is boom bangin’. You might have to skip two/three tracks here or there but the majority of the CD is highway music at it’s finest. If you get passed on the highway by a silver blur of a car with the music bumping and the little girl in the back flips you the finger you know it was me and my Big Boy Game Blends.