Big Mike, DJ Lust, LA Profecy & DJ Diggz – Civil War

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Nothing like starting a Monday morning off with some block music. You know that shit that’s all blunt shavings and pissy project stairways. Maybe a dirty mattress outside in the alley. Lust, Diggz and Mike…what else you expect? The title says civil war but in this mixtape game right now it’s every man for himself.

Looking at the track list, I’m assuming the loose concept is east vs south or vice versa or at least trying to highlight those south and east coast joints that fit a Lust, Mike and Diggz mixtape. “Let’s Talk About It” is dope, I fuck with it like I do egg and cheese samiches and birthday cake remix. Really good to see NYC artist collaborate at this level. 50 Cent and Gucci Mane on a remix? That shit worked man, even if it was chopped off some other shit. I can’t even lie. 50 can flip a flow anyway he wants so him and Gucci on a track sounds natural. “Lights Camera Action” was cool, you know Lust coming with new Ran regardless. I’m gonna be honest tho, Ransom talks to much shit. He’s at the point of put up some good music or shut the fuck up and go away. He’s potential is limitless but his time is running out like VHS tapes. That Nas joint was slick…”ya’ll livin’ trendy on pennies”…haha. I’m sorry man I can’t listen to OJ the Juice Man. R. Kelly sounds like chooch on “Superman High”. Dude is like 42 years old talking about getting “super high” in the club, fuck outta here. Old as rnb dude trying to stay relevant. Cam’ron got some bangers…”Crime Pays” got some rewind in the Ipod. My favorite joint was of course some mixtape music. Uncle Murda and Cau2gs over “So What You Sayin”. I’m fuckin’ with that Hell Rell joint too. That’s that ultra hard shit you don’t hear to much of today.

I don’t really bump Oj and Gucci so this project was kind of a wash on my ears. It’s cool or whatever but nahhh man. Track list was off, tracks not tagged in my download makes for a rough ass listen, not gonna lie. I don’t understand why there’s 4 DJs on here either. I mean Lust, Mike, and Diggz each can rock on their own. Might be time to get that solo grind on which in turn “should” improve the timing on these joints. Give cats a better feel for how they hear the music their playing. Joint still has it’s moments and remains cop’able but I def expect better from all parties involved.