Big Mike & DJ Statik Selektah – THE SUN STILL RISES IN THE EAST (E.C.S VOL. 1)

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Just when mixtape consumers had begun to pick out a tomb stone for MIKE, he drops like a pigeon in the 4th quarter. STATIK has been doing his thing as an executive (ask TERMANOLOGY), but I didn’t think he was coming back to the mixtape game anytime soon. CHEW and I were getting board with mixtapes, especially the releases coming out of the East Coast. It’s the same old bullshit, with a different cover (with the same fucking poses). You know what I’m talking about? A new release comes out, the DEN with BOXES uploads the leak and 50 mixtapes hit the streets with the same tracks. That artist is the feature on the cover with two rappers flanking him on his left and right (50 is usually one of them). They all label them “exclusives” all though everyone is promoting the same shit!

The RAPMULLET MESSAGE BOARD (if you’re not a member, you don’t love mixtapes) currently has a topic asking “what happened to blend CD’s?” “THE SUN STILL RISES IN THE EAST” isn’t a blend release, but in my opinion it’s proof that skills still matter. Some of the same leaks that are all over the hordes of bullshit that the AFRICANS are peddling on CANAL are on here too, but STATIK and MIKE strayed from the norm and actually used blended transitions. It is that alone that separates this from the other projects that dropped and that made it worth the listen. I heard damn near the whole release on the RAPMULLET MESSAGE BOARD, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a nonstop flow of music.

I’m anxious to see what this series turns into, but if it’s called “East Coast Slang”, I’d like to see more up and coming mc’s incorporated like TERMANOLOGY. Hopefully our brethren at the mixtape websites see this side of the game and promote it as well as they’ve promoted what they perceive to be the new direction of the game!