Big Mike & DJ Thoro – Addicted To The Game Pt. 5

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I’m so addicted to the game I just sold my moms sofa. I’m so addicted to the game I sniff lint right off my carpet cause the shit looks like peices of coke. I’m so addicted to the game I will knock you up-side your head with a brick and steal your Big Mike CD. Big Mike is not an idiot, Lil Wayne on the cover, possible Cassidy diss as the first track…..ahh man Mike pushin’ units like it was the homeboy shopping network; In Living Color style. I give props when its due and this track list got the rest of the “exclusive” DJs looking like “Funky Finger Productions” and “Anton Jackson”. Lol, google that shit if you don’t know it.

Cassidy beasting, I still think dude can own the summer. He’s on his way so far mixtape wise, when’s the Green Lantern project dropping? The Cas and Big Mike mixtape stays in the ride, didn’t want to review it just wanted to listen to that shit as a fan. “The Death Of” is not a direct diss, its def a flesh wound tho. Hahaha, man the punch lines is heavy like fat bitches at a buffet. I’m listening to “I Don’t Give A Fuck” and line for line, word for word ain’t nobody fucking with Cassidy that’s out right now; dude is focused. Talib Kweli went in on “Phantom Sessions”, he bodied Styles on his own track and Mike cut the shit short. Lol. I am kinda fuckin’ with “Sour Diesel” tho. Styles and Nore is a nice colabo, the beat fits Nore’s style perfectly…you almost don’t take it seriously but its entertaining. Props to Mike and Thoro for rockin’ that new Papoose too. “Bang It Out” is a dope track for the ride. I don’t give a fuck, if you got even a semi fly ride bump this and you will most def appreciate it that much more. The fact that Mike brought back that classic Remo freestyle “Pushaman” shows me he does give a fuck about the music. On the “south side of things”, “Fresh Out” is an anthem…I can’t front. They could have saved those remixes tho; “Wipe Me Down” and “Ay Bay Bay”. Those are all part of the homeboy shopping network move units movement, I get it but I don’t like it. “Freaky Girl” remix is a hit, be prepared to see this video all the time.

Mike and Thoro were rocking three tapes till we got an unecessay tour of the Souths weaker remix tracks. Like I said I get it but I don’t like it. There are two many dope MCs in NYC that could have rounded out the CD. Cats have a genuine opportunity to help break some much needed east coast artist to ride with the theme of 2/3’s of the CD and then play the “Ay Bay Bay” remix and some crapy sounded lil wayne joints? It’s like this tho, at some point cats really gotta look past the # of units and the $$ and step up to rep their region properly cause karma can be a bitch sometimes.