Big Mike & DJ Thoro – Addicted To The Game Pt. 7

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The addiction continues…time to go back to selling broken amps and diggin’ in ya mom’s purse while she asleep. Did ya’ll hear Styles P on the intro? Damn, dude sounds mad about a bullshit top 10 list from MTV. Funny how a bunch of crabs come up with a list and Styles P re-acts to it. I might have to question Styles for even speaking on that crap. Catching feelings like that from MTV(my tight vagina) smells a lil feminine for the so called hardest out. With that said, “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” freestyle is classic. Maybe shit got Styles focused but he’s leaning on the block with these freestyles…hard. Oh shit, Cassidy owned “Big Spender”. Cats wished they could flow like that, Cassidy given lessons for free. I couldn’t really fuck with him on that “Amusement Park” freestyle. That beat should be shot, hung and burned alive and never ever fucked with again. Hold up a second did Lil Stain just say on “Get It Poppin” and I quote: “I like to tongue kiss, that’s right tongue kiss, I’m talking diamonds and pearl tongues, young prince.” Ok then…how in the world do cats fuck with this dude on the MIC?  Jim Jones is another MC, just like Lil Stain that’s all swag and nothing else. Cats selling images with bullshit rhymes over decent production. That’s the formula right there people, aren’t the labels so smart?

It was good to hear DJ Thoro have more a presence on this mixtape compared to some of previous joints. I def got my quick fix of new shit. It’s got me fiending for more Styles P and Cassidy too. New music bout to be flooding the streets soon as the fall approaches, we’ll see who can get it out to the masses the quickest…the rat race continues.