Big Mike, DJ Thoro, DJ Woogie – Soundtrack To The Streets 5

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Damn it took three DJs to make this mixtape? I don’t know man, the “compiliations” are losing their luster in the 4th quarter. It is what it is as the saying goes…Clue dropped, Mike dropped…that shit used to be like a mixtape national holiday but now…I don’t know what to say. Lil Wayne, D-Block, Cassidy, Dipset and some aging big dogs from the east…you already know the formula.

“Can’t Touch Me” is dope, I got it on rewind but the verbal weapons come out on “You don’t Want It We Me”. I couldn’t stop listening to this shit, this is def that hustle off the beeper music; Jadakiss on his “A” game too. “How We Roll” sounds like Pete Rock on the beat…Jimbo got some soul. “Drug Dealer” by Cassidy is kinda fly…the beat and sample def hold your ear. Don’t sleep on Remo people…”My City” got that that focused intensity. I don’t know what cats are listening to but “So Serious” is wack as fuck. Someone put the tenth bullet in that british accent. Just goes to show you how disconnected 50 is with us common folk; the beat is lava tho. How out of place does Tony Mayo sound on “Coke Life”? I’m saying tho, Banks and 50 ate him alive on the track…he should fall back to strickly ad-libs now. You can already tell Beanie Siegels new album will be slept on. “What They Gonna Do” is cool, not his best shit but hard body none the less. “I’m So Hood” sounds mad out of place on here….they tried to follow it up with “Straight Up Out The Rari”. Two “south” type joints back to back…thanks for trying. I’m still shaking my head as to why “Buck Buck” was the last track, that joint is one of the better tracks out right now if you talking block music.

It’s an average mixtape people, no other way to put it. The “compilation” mixtape is on it’s last legs. Shit cats just log on to and they can hear brand new shit 10 min after that “leak” email is “blasted”. The artist mixtape grows stronger. As they say…it is what it is. I’m about to throw that Clue back in now.