Big Mike & DJ Thoro – Grand Theft Audio 6

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They should call this “this is what was out when we were about to drop a new CD part 6”. For the most part if you live in the internet you know 88% of these tracks, some of you clowns would say you heard all the tracks before…whatever with that. I give Mike credit for still feeding the streets regardless.

I like the “Hi Hater” remix. See when shit “leaks” on the internet I don’t listen anymore and I don’t bother to download it. It was killing the reviews for me. See maybe I’m just lazy but I’d rather wait for Mike to throw a random mixtape out to hear ALL of what is out there at the same time with minimal effort on my part while I get other shit done. Fuck waiting on links and saving files and blah blah blah. I’m marinating over here ya’ll stuck in the microwave still. The “Put On” remix is wack to me tho. That shit basically birthed whole mixtapes. Don’t hate the player hate the game right…well I def hate the game. Jadakiss on the other hand is bending bars on “Get That Paper” and “Wassup”. I’m telling you if he doesn’t fuck it up his new album will do the culture proper. I can’t lie; I was more interested to listen to Remo’s freestyle than anything else on here. That’s just me tho. It’s that whole “root for the underdog” mentality and he makes good music every time out the booth, fuck what you heard. Banks brings up the rear with his latest three cuts to “leak”. I don’t know why either, might be a late addition to the project because “Revolver” is that “set a mixtape off “music. Banks on mixtape > Banks on albums.

Let’s see…”This one time at band camp I stuck a flute in my pussy”. That’s not a quote from me personally but it sums up the sentiment in the mixtape game right now. Mediocrity rules and this mixtape right here is average. Strictly following “the new shit formula”. I’m not mad at it, but yea I’m still mad at the game and the consumer but in the immortal words of one of hip hop’s most cliché sayings…”It is what it is”. My message to the consumer: stop sticking a flute in the mixtape game’s pussy.