Big Mike & DJ Thoro – Soundtrack To The Streets

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It’s the soundtrack to the streets people, it doesn’t get any more simple than that. The formula is the same but the music is new. I don’t want to hear cats with that “I heard that already” bullshit either. Corny cats need to hop off the net, go get blunted and throw some dice and see if this joint really ain’t the soundtrack to the streets.

I don’t give a Fizzy Womack, 50 Cent been dropping fire joints lately. “Part Time Lover” got the humor and flow that cats wished they had now a days. “Southside” is pure mixtape music. Listen to Banks go in and tell me you didn’t rewind that shit. Banks will have you dumbed out like Patrick on Sponge Bob talking about “is mayonaise and instrument?” Hahahaha. That J Hood freestyle was crack-like, lol. Tales From The Hood coming soon!!! “We Run With Em” got a knock to it man. Moxberg holding his own along side the Yonkers vets. “How We Roll” sounds like it was recorded in 1986, what the fuck was that? Max B is starting to grow on me. No bullshit I used to clown dude in reviews but he doing his thing. “Why You Do That” was on rewind for a minute I can’t even front on dude like that anymore. “1 Deep” is wack, I don’t know why cats fuck with tracks like this. I rather listen to two 60 year lesbians toss salads then listen to this cat. Boosie laced some hot shit with “Beautiful Girls”…classic mixtape shit. It’s why you cop mixtapes in the first place. 40 Cal got his mixtape shit off with “Aunt Jackie” too. No lie, “I’m On Some Shit” is the hardest track out right now. Don’t front, you can’t not nod your head to that joint I don’t care who you are.

Whether you smoke crack, dust, weed, snort coke, diesel, cleaning products whatever; this is the soundtrack to the streets. Cats try to do what Mike do but they don’t have the reach to pull it off. Hate it, love it, despise it, cherish it…that’s street music personified. Cats moving more joints than rap vets on Koch….you gotta love mixtapes man!