Big Mike & DJ Thoro – The First 48

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I was reading one of the Hip Hop pubs and they were interviewing Drama about the state of mixtapes. This is the man who got raided and changed the game, but he can only give his point of view as we try to do here at Rapmullet. Without hesitation, Drama replied that the mixtape industry will never be the same as it was before “the man” rode on him harder than the Deuces did Willie Manchester in South Central. Change is the key word people, because Mike hasn’t changed, but everything around him has.

D Block is no longer the force they were when Mike rode them like Sea Biscuit to the upper echelon of mixtape royalty. That doesn’t mean the clique from Yonkers don’t move units, but we’ve seen them go from a major label to Koch. They aren’t necessarily pushing up daisies, but critical acclaim don’t feed no babies…lol. Jada has a new situation at Roc-A-Fella, but the state of that label is in question and with all the material that they’ve given Mike lately, I just haven’t been checking for him the way I was a couple of years back.

I can’t lie, I was fucking with the Sheek freestyles. I don’t give a fuck how predictable that gets, D Block always goes in on those 90’s instrumentals. The Cassidy joints were sub par. There’s a reason why no matter how nice he is on someone else’s beat, when ever he delivers on his own, you end up wishing you could go back to before the gunshots. I said it and I meant it, that bid fucked dude up and he ain’t never been the same! I don’t know who told niggas that Moxberg was that shit, but dude needs to take a cue from Guru; “it’s mostly the voice that gets you up” and he doesn’t have it. I’m listening to this mixtape and it’s starting to sound like an album to me. This ain’t “The First 48” and Mike didn’t murder a muthafucka. A couple of hot joints to jump shit off don’t make a mixtape or a fucking album. Everyone is using those G Unit tracks off “This Is 50” and Mike should be able to do better. Your “Young Big Mike” or at least you say it a million times, so you got me convinced that it means something. Too bad you didn’t show me with this release.

I stopped fucking with Mike releases for a minute, but I liked the title of this shit, so I had to give it a listen (now I’m ejecting and throwing in that new Potent Product by Diggz and Rated R). Drama is back with some fiya, so obviously the raid hasn’t fucked up his program. The game definitely changed, too bad Mike hasn’t!