Big Mike, Evil Empire, DJ Warrior – Eldorado Red : Paint The Town Red Vol 1

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Be real with yourself. You want to hear some real gangsta ass music. Not that fake shit that made up mass murder music, that if I was really a gangsta I would have done this or that type music. Naw homie you want that really real shit, that shit that can touch each coast with ease all while shaking the shit outta your rear view mirror. It’s not about a gimmick; it’s about rhyming with a focus and properly entertaining Hip Hop fans with a genre of hip hop music that has stood the test of time. Welcome back Eldorado Red people.

The very first time I every heard Eldorado Red was on a Demolition Men mixtape and then a DJ Warrior mixtape. He’s got much respect out west considering he’s from Harlem and that alone sets him apart from other MCs who can’t seem to even get out of their own borough these days. Ya’ll gotta hear “The Champ Is Here” man, that beat is something to behold. I mean when I want to hear some gangsta ass music this is it right here. If this doesn’t get you amped up you must be a fake ass rapper fan living in fairy tale land. Oh you want murda music peep “Fuck The Police Pt. 2” or Niggaz Gonna Die”…gun play all day, black hoody on and coke in ya veins type music. “This Is BGM” been my shit. That slow flow gangsta doesn’t get much better. See it ain’t all murda murda murda, Eldroado Red got some balance to his shit. “I’m Strugglin” breaks down that shit cats can relate to, that shit people go through everyday. The sleeper track and best hook on the CD is “Pimpin’ Won’t Die” with Kiotti and Question. Cats was letting their minks drag heavy on this track.

I don’t give a fuck when this CD dropped the shit is timeless and it was slept on too. I love that gangsta shit, it’s entertainment to me…just like watching a gangsta flic cause Eldorado Red is def painting a picture. At the same time if you know where he came from you know he’s actually believable lyric wise. That shit is rare in todays hip hop world so when a real MC comes along and you into that type of music you need to get off your ass and support the music.