Big Mike & Evil Empire – Interstate Trafficking 2

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Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is DIMEZ. I been away soooo long people, I can’t afford to bullshit so let’s get right to business. It was clever of MIKE to title the first track, “TURN OFF THE LIGHTS”. Although dudes accused him of pulling the “CUTMASTER C”, JAY Z was really featured on the track by MARY J BLIGE and that is the correct title of the record, but you can’t bullshit a bullshitter FAT MATT (Evil Empire). You posted the track on the Rapmullet Message Board” as a new JAY Z song, either you knew or you were selling dudes a bridge to get some extra sales. I didn’t think the verse was one of the best by JAY Z, but what the fuck is the difference between his lyrics and the shit that T.I. puts out that people praise daily? NAS is out to take fake rappers hearts with “WHERE YA’LL AT?” Every time dude hits the mic after a hiatus he never fails to impress me. His style is the shit that “yookers” can shake they’re ass to and thug niggas can break their back to! LLOYD BANKS can spit, but don’t you feel like fast forwarding after you hear 50’s voice at the end of every verse? Do me a favor and tell dude to write his own choruses or sing them himself.

What happened to JIM JONES? One minute he was a slouch on the mic. Then he jacked some decent beats, added some swagger and got a career. He must have been on mic-roids (steroids for mc’s). These days due to emcee roid testing his super capabilities have disappeared. HELL RELL is the apparent heir to the throne in DIP SET after CAM’S album got about as much play as a “cave bitch” at the “PLAYERS CLUB”. “GO TO WAR” is nothing new for GREEN as far as the track goes, and AKON did what he does, but I’m still waiting for PAPOOSE to blossom. PAC had some shit called “A ROSE GROWS IN CONCRETE”; well I’m still waiting for dude to sprout, because his buzz was a good seed!

EVIL EMPIRE still rocks those bullshit drops…lol. Some of those joints are proper, but that joint that says “These are some evil motherfuckers” makes me laugh and then I’m annoyed. They started “2.0” off with “KICK IT AT THE HOTEL”. I didn’t know it was T.I., but that shit was 50/50. “BLOW” was the shit, because I’m tired of hearing RICK ROSS on those slow ass beats, but DAMN, can’t you talk about something else other than your kingpin dreams? I’m a NY nigga to the heart, but I fucks with PROJECT PAT. Lyrically he’s ass, but he creates some of the most amusing choruses. “TELL, TELL, TELL ” would have been “fish grease” without JEEZY. Over all this mixtape is hot, but I’m tired of niggas doing the 1.5 and the 1.8 or 2.0. Just call your shit PART 2!