Big Mike & Loaded Lux – The Bad Mans Back

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It’s good to hear Loaded Lux back on some mixtape shit. If you a fan of hip hop DVDs then you are def familiar with Loaded Lux and his legendary battles. His last mixtape was damn near classic, the potential was undeniable and the battlin’ is second nature. He got Big Mike holding him down which truth be told is always a good look for an MC. I’ve seen cats debate it over and over; does getting a big name mixtape DJ to host your mixtape help you any more than an unknown mixtape DJ. To that I say this…it def can’t hurt.

One thing that always stood out to me with Loaded Lux is he always had his own sound. I mean the battling is one thing when you going in acapella but with a beat behind him he def has a unique sound. No other track embodies that more than “I’m Hotboy”. This is easily the best track on the CD. The word play is tight, Lux shifting gears beetween that rapid flow and that punchline heavy flow he’s know for all while the message in the music speaks to the masses. Beat wise after this track shit got real average to me. “Harlem’s My Birthplace” and “Crackdown” came off as lackluster at best; def didn’t think these beats complimented Loaded Lux’ style at all. Lux borrowing part of the hook from “Hot Stepper” was def a unique change. Not a big fan of the hook for “What’s Popular”. Props to Lux on that “5 Dollar Skit”, cats need that comedic break sometimes. “Run NY” def left some foot prints in the concrete; Lux beat the shit outta this track. “Creepin’ Through Ya Hood” was a nice little colabo with Serius Jones and JR Writer. I was waiting to hear that raw untamed energy and that shit showed up on “Mind Made Up”. Lux is a versatile MC but the sing songy, 50 Cent type flow on “I Don’t Fuk With U Like Dat” had me shaking my head a little bit. Not that the song was trash, it was actually type catchy but not what I was expecting from a Loaded Lux mixtape.

Call me an asshole if you want but I liked the other joint Lux dropped better than this CD. I mean the hunger is there and he sounds focused. I just think some tracks sounded forced, like he really trying to make sure cats don’t box him in as a battle rapper or some shit. I tell MCs who ask my advice to just hit the booth, know the beat your fucking with inside/out and spit what comes natural. If it’s not natural it isn’t gonna work.