Big Mike, NJ Devil & Watsman – Sizzerb Vol. 2 Sin’s City

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I’d like to welcome Sin to the review section. I’ve heard about dude for a minute now, since he dropped with Vlad last summer. Hailing from Belgrade by way of Canada at a young age, Sin got a story to tell and its more guns than roses. The track list looks tight, couple St. Laz features, Geolani and Bezel. Let’s get it in already, shit is seriouz.

Let me get the featured highlights outta the way. “RAW” with Snyp and Nkuzi is just that; all three MCs compliment each other well, nice posse cut. The craziest posse cut though is “Stop Snitchin”. Too many hot 16s on this joint and the movie clip at the end summed up the whole vibe of the track. Ok, on to Sin. The first track caught my ear from jump, good shit, always gotta get that heat off in the first few tracks to hold the listeners ear. “If God Close The Gate” has the illest beat and sample. The hook is potent and Sin rides this beat like he was one with it. I almost didn’t want to listen to the rest of the CD after this, true story, the song is pure cocaine. The way Sin rides the fence between death in the struggle through hometown angst and raw violence is crazy. The subject matter in “Vision” is gun play all day with some pitching from the block, throw in some word play for good measure and it’s a wrap. The most insightful and descriptive track is by far “50 Lions”. I didn’t like the hook that much but the rhymes were on point. The beat on “S.I.N” was a little hard to swallow but I like that he takes chances and isn’t afraid to do something different. “The Truth” is in that same vein and the beat is the sickness for real. I didn’t care for the remix of “50 Lions”. That beat def took away from the strength of the rhyme.

Sin’s lyrics are some of the most descriptive lines I’ve heard in a minute, def graphic and def slept on. The subject matter is consistent gun play which surprisingly didn’t get old throughout the CD. Sin has the talent and the potential to do big things. As long as he stays pitching tracks and staying true to what he knows it should only be a matter of time. A&R;’s where ya at?