Big Mike / S.A.S / Steve Stash Title: Coming To America

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God damn this CD is built like an album; four panel pull out cover and thick ass jewel case. In my best English accent: “The presentation is flawless”. If you don’t know the S.A.S story you need to familiarize yourself with it on . Now that you’re up to par with the rest of us prepare for some good music. I know S.A.S have their doubters but people need to be real with themselves; do you really think Dipset is gonna fuck with some half ass rappers from the UK? You can’t fight it man, Hip Hop is global and then some. The theme is “Coming 2 America”, so you know they sprinkled in clips from the movie and it gave the project a nice personality.

“Coming 2 America Part 1” has that grand entrance to it. I mean if you can’t hear the potential and appeal in this track go slit your throat and call it a day. Don’t be mad either I hear Country Music is looking for new fans, time to switch up ya genre’s; good music has passed you by. “Eurogang” is still one of my favorite tracks. Everything comes together on this one; the catchy beat, the hook…everything. They might have to update this with a remix for 2007; throw A-Mafia or Byrdgang on that shit. C.T.E and Dipset is a potent combination. I know you heard “I Ain’t Inna Dat” on Rapmullet before but the shit does’t get old. “We them young superstars giving vets the chills”; that line sums up the vibe of this track. Shifting gears with the flow and versatility is “Streets All Salute”. I think the hook could’ve been better but the rapid flows got mass appeal. “Dipset, Dipset!” is your classic mixtape track. “Story Of Us” paints a real life picture giving you that struggle. “Amerikaz Nightmare” got that knock to it as S.A.S continue to push that package. I haven’t heard Neil Diamond sampled so well in a hip hop track ever. “Coming 2 America Part 2” def got you ready for when Mega and Meyhem touch down over here; tuck ya chains!

Lyrically is where these cats shine brightest, but they have commercial appeal. I’ve seen cats hate on the English accent but there are plenty of women in the US that will eat that shit up if presented to them properly. Props to Steve Stash and Big Mike for getting this out to the masses. We need a visual to follow this up ; cats need to be able to put faces to the voices and start to solidify that brand. It’s all most winter time so you know the snow is coming soon. Think of it like this; S.A.S and Steve Stash making a snowball over in the UK right now and bout to toss it over the pond to the US. Once that snowball touches down over here it’s just going to continue to roll along getting bigger and bigger like any well made snowball will.