Big Mike & Styles P – Phantom Empire

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Ahhh man. Who else besides me been waiting for this one! That Jada and Green? Nope, this joint right here. I don’t give a fuck, Styles P music is harder than termite teeth and you know he’s gonna have that quality mixtape music on here just looking at the track list.

Where do you want me to start? Shit, take your pick of any track. Day & Nite? You know what beat that is and although he had more bars than a vending machine he didn’t really own that beat. Now the joint you NEED to have in your ride bumpin loud as hell….”How Can I Say It”. If you hustle right now this is your anthem, if you running up in spots, this is your theme music. Styles owned the “Ready To Die” beat tho. “A lot of ni99as changed when their Timbs hit the Benz peddle”…you gotta love Styles forever keeping it real. Not real on some gangsta shit but the fact a lot of MCs who never where who they rhymed about def switched it up when they got their money right. Hell no he didn’t rhyme over “Ni99as Bleed”! You wana talk about vivid rhymes, that shit was in HD. Sheek ate that shit up too. Get ya health insurance card out cause “My Culture” with Snyp Lyfe requires a chiropractor. You can never go wrong fucking with a Wu beat either, “Machine Gun Rap” got Bully shinning like a MIC vet. “D Block State Of Mind” and it’s a wrap. Styles over Nas’ classic? Wrap. Fuck leaving dents in the concrete Style P just left a crater with this joint.

If you’re putting on ya tight jeans and stylin’ ya hair right now, trying to figure out what sweater vest you’re gonna put on and what multi-color high tops to wear please do not cop this mixtape. This isn’t for you. We getting some balance back in this game. You got your fun rap now and your trendy rap now and now you got some proper gangsta music with this mixtape right here. G’d up music ain’t going nowhere cause we still fiend for it when it’s done Styles P proper.