Big Mike & Suge White – K.A.R Mafia

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Kill All Rats people. I don’t advocate killing anyone because truth be told karma is a mutha fucka and always is proper pay back. However, I have been snitched on before or should I say “attempted” to be snitched on, the case never stuck but that shit was a bitch and so is that cat who was singing like a jail bird There aren’t many stand up people left in the world but as far as MCs go K.A.R Mafia is standing on their own two so to speak. Suge White laying down that groundwork, that foundation and Big Mike is hosting as only he can do.

Rob Cash owned “Time Is Running Out”. Scram Jones on the beat doing his thing. I can’t fuck with Fat Joe tho. Mike Beck and Grafh with “How It Should Be” was cool as a fan. Mick Beck lyrically beating the block and well Grafh is Grafh so you already know. “Hit the gutta with butta I work with my wrist well.” I’m telling you man Rob Cash got a future on the MIC. His verse on that “freestyle” was that leave foot prints in the concrete music. The chopped hook for “Toke Iron” was the shit. One of the best posse cuts on this CD. Shit seemed to all come together on “K.A.R Is Poppin’ Off”…the beat, the flow and the hook. I wouldn’t call this a radio joint but it was catchy as hell. Onez went in on “Ni99as Know That I Get It In” bars wise. His voice is real generic to me tho. I hear the potential but the he needs to marinate in the lab some more. The most polished, well rounded joint was the Tony Sunshine “I Just Wanna Be Your Lover” with Rob Cash on the bars. Real smooth joint with that mass appeal; def a proper feature. I could say the same for “I’m A Natural Born Hustler” too. Leader caught some shine on his “freestyle” near the end of the CD with a decent mixtape flip. The flow was choppy, def needs to marinate in the lab some more too.

The one thing I hear more than anything on here is the hunger. These cats are ready to ear your food. Rob Cash and Mick Beck are the most polished MCs of the group. That’s just how I hear it. You can hear the potential in the group as a whole but more work needs to be done, cats need to challenge themselves. That’s with the flows and the subject matter. The block was feed with this project, it accomplished what it was supposed to so now it’s time to go to that next level.