Big Mike – The Rulers Back 2K10

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I used to love to get a new Big Mike CD. That’s how you would get to hear new shit. Big Mike basically hosted 74 min of audio. He was the guide and his voice became part of the music. Yea it was all pause tape thru and thru but as much shit as we gave him over the years he had some classics. The Mobb Deep West-coast mixtape is a classic. So was another Alchemist hosted joint that I can’t exactly remember the title, lol.

Its been a long time since I’ve heard a Mike mixtape but I saw the cover and I saw his pic on it and I had to pay review homage to it. Mike been thru a lot over the years. The Justos Awards, the beef with Kay Slay, the beef with the R.I.A.A and he’s still standing tall. He’s still relevant in a game that is a fraction of what it was. It now takes mixtape DJs 10 or 11 new mixtapes to equal the units moved from one mixtape just like this that would have dropped 4 years ago. That’s a whole other topic tho.

Track wise Apathy starts the project off and Mike gotta be behind dude for him to be the lead track. “Make Alotta Money” got the cool sample hook and well I can relate to where Apathy coming from. He spit some truth. I can’t believe dudes sampled Toto’s “Africa” and then let Wiz Khalifa spit over it. That shit was corny, straight up and down. I never listened to Wiz like that, sounds like the label turning him into a gimmick rapper. I’m fucking with “Glory”, that shit sounds raw as hell. “I got bars…sentencing”, really? Nicki got a voice and some looks, bars are not in the equation. “Roman’s Revenge” would have been a throw away track if not for Eminem and even that was pushing it. “Deathwish” is some typical rap and bullshit but 50s flow was type nice. Why is Banks on a track with Joe Budden? I like that beat tho. Its gotta be an oxymoron for Jim Jones to be on a track called “Real Gangstas”. *yawns One thing Mike always always did well was have that proper D-Block music. “Clip Up” remix was hard and Styles P on “Love Barbara” was all head nod. In typical end of compilation style the un-known MCs round out the track list.

What did we learn from this mixtape? Some things never change, same formula. Couple hot joints and that’s pretty much it. Its funny cause besides those couple hot joints the music as a whole is soft as a pillow. That’s not on Mike tho, that’s on MCs flat out spitting maxi pads over lack luster production. The good thing about the project is I’m checking for Apathy now so all in all an average mixtape ending up over achieving in the end.