Big Mike – The Rulers Back

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I can understand why people hate what BIG MIKE does. He stays heavy on the D BLOCK, DIP SET and a couple of G UNIT joints here and there. He snatches joints off SIRIUS and HOT 97 (NYC). He might even jack a couple of DJ’s. Dude lives by the credo, “Ain’t no rules to this shit!” He supplies the streets with exactly what they crave. If he didn’t, heads wouldn’t cop his shit like loose Newport’s. Dude dropped 3 joints in two weeks. “THE RULERS BACK” isn’t the best he’s ever done, but it ranks.

I was feeling “IT CAN GET UGLY”, but the chorus wasn’t “slap a bitch” worthy and that’s how I like my joints. Is it me or is SWIZZ trying to get his PHARRELL on? This nigga is on every chorus now. D BLOCK needs to drop their own choruses or find someone in house that can do that shit. That’s the difference between being a great mixtape artist, the heart of the streets and getting major radio play. The LOX have done all of the above. They’ve never done it on the level of their nemesis 50 CENT, but few have. Regardless, it’s good to hear JADA. I hope “IT’S ALRIGHT” is on the MOBB album, because it’s heat. You youngsters might not know this, but that vocal arrangement isn’t MARY’S creation, though she spit it like a true soulstress. MARY and the bass line are an unbeatable combination. “AIN’T NO THUG IN YOU” is another banger by the M-O-B-B. If there is a mixtape GOD, please let these joints be on the album!

CAM got that swagger, but HELL RELL is quickly becoming the dude to check for. I know everyone thinks JUELZ is the future, but the streets are riding for RUGER RELL. “STATE TO STATE” wasn’t a solo track, but it should have been! “THE RULERS BACK” sags for a few tracks and I just said no to “GET IT RIGHT”. PAPOOSE and the party tracks don’t mix like two dicks and no chick! The “BARS OF DEATH” live on FUNK MASTER FLEX was crazy. If you’re from out of town, that shit will make you wish they streamed the show.

It’s easy to get tired of MIKE, because dude is consistent and he continuously rides with the same shit. He could switch it up, but if shit isn’t broke, why fix it? Yeah, I’d like to hear him step out of his game once or twice, but does anyone think that would be to his advantage? MIKE keeps the streets fed and truth be told, that’s all I give a fuck about! No one said he was creative genius.