Big Skeem – Certified

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Ya’ll can’t front, that’s a dope ass cover to this mixtape. I mean that’s why you get a Miami Kaos cover as an artist, it’s an investment. In 2008 the music doesn’t not speak for itself, you need that slick looking or authentic looking product to even get some attention. Once you got their attention then the music can speak. That’s the game right now, it’s not right but it’s the truth. We past the cover now, so lets see how the music is speaking.

Can I be honest? “Certified”, the title track, sounds forced to me. Metro Beats is one of my favorite producers on the low. I always check to see what he’s up too and how his sound is progressing and “Certified” as a beat is dope. What I mean by forced is it sounds like Skeem had the song already wrote and it came down to well here’s a Metro beat and they laid the vocals as opposed to writing to the beat. I could be wrong tho, it’s happened before. The hook doesn’t ride well to me tho. Skeem got a serious flow on “Hands Up”. Sounds like he got in a groove for that one, the generic hook didn’t cut it tho. Cats need to stop sleeping on a scratched hook; shit would have sounded more than proper here. The track I had on repeat the most was “Take It 2 Da Ground”. Shit got an ill ass bounce to it and Skeem sound real comfortable on this one too. The Phene assisted “Things I Seen” is bout as deep as it gets for Skeem on here. Hook was proper on this one too. “Weekend” is a semi-anthem; I can dig it, a quality track with out question. Skeem and Phene painted the picture well. The pop off colabo track is without question “Get Paid”. That joint is infectious with the best of them.

This project as a whole; from the cover, to the way the mixtape was put together is real solid. I think from my end I was expecting more lyrically, some more conceptual type music. I mean the joint has balance content wise but after a few listens I’m like, “I really don’t know dude anymore then I did before I listened to this mixtape”. To me that’s an issue because you have to give the listeners something to relate too beyond your typical braggadocio, party, in the struggle type bars.