Big Worm – I Got Dat Product

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I’m jealous of dudes name I can’t front on ya’ll. I mean Big Chew is cool and all but it’s not like Big Worm. You think I’m trying to be funny but I’m serious. I mean Big Worm sounds like the dude who comes thru and robs people daily for the hell of it; like it’s his occupation. Regardless, Worm said in the intro “them other ni99as spit crack, I got that coke”……..we shall see.

DJ Ophax is the DJ, shouts to him. I know he’s talking about that international mixtape award he didn’t win but DJ Hotsauce gets it in homie, it’s deserved in my opinion. “Kokain” is the follow up to that into and the perfect track to set shit off. Ophax on the beat too was a good look. “They spittin’ that crack but me I got that kokain”; I can dig that. “Suspect Music”, lyrically is the shit. Not a big fan of the beat but I like the fact Worm isn’t affraid to go to some “message music” early on in the project. “cause the character your portraying and the message your relaying it sound suspect to me”. I seen Rockwilder produced “Give It To Um” and maybe my expectations were to high cause the beat was lacking. I don’t know if this was a crossover attempt but it wasn’t working for me. “Fat Synatra” was working tho, just the right amount of swag…riding the beat perfectly too. On the mixtape flip side of things, “Blow Ya Mind” was cool as a pool in the winter. Never mind that beat is just smooth as hell but even more impotant Worm sounded comfortable on that shit. The skits were kind of bland till the “Soulja Boy” joint…that was creative. I’m still not real impressed with “Big Boy Dance”. I mean Worm doesn’t seem like the type of MC that would go the dance song route but I guess cats is trying anything to get on at this point. See then he follows that up with “Helpless Man” and gets deep with it again. Dead ass real the project could have been tracked better cause we did a 180 from dance steps to homelessness and some insightful lyrics.

I like Big Worm as an MC and think he’s “above average” on the MIC. This mixtape tho I rated as average. I think it lacked direction as a complete work of music. Shit was all over the place and I think cats thought it was showing versatility when it didn’t. Plus I think Worm is still finding his sound as an MC and some of these joints sounded forced to me. Like he was trying to show cats he can do the club, he can story tell, he can do a dance song but if it ain’t in your soul to do those type of tracks it will show thru. Its about finding your niche as an MC and doing what you do consistently…after that if it was meant to be then it will happen. I think Worm’s best tracks are still a head of him so I’ll be keeping my ears open for that newness.