Bishop The Greek – Angel Witta Dirty Face

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Welcome Bishop The Greek to the Rapmullet review section. Bynoe from the Riot Squad is hosting, shout to him. The Kaos laced cover says “Music Inspired by the Motion Picture” and for an artist mixtape, you need to find that inspiration in any and everything you can. Bishop goes by the name “The Black James Cagney”, the young bucks might not know who that is but it’s an ill moniker nonetheless.

Off the first listen, Bishop got the most unique voice I’ve heard all year so far. He’s on that g’d up shit which is always a welcome thing on the Mullet. “Without My Grip” is that gangsta shit and the first joint that really caught my ear. To be honest Bishop sounded a little bored on the first couple of tracks but this beat def complimented his sound and he rode the beat well too. “Foolin Me” was dope and that Andy Dufrain line was potent too. I’m fucking with that shit. The title track featuring Akon was smooth. Bishop spits that struggle and cats can relate. One of Bishops strong points is his hook game, as shown on “Lost Innocence”. Not only that the sped up flow works for him too. I’m diggin’ the message in “Fuck the World” with Lyfe Jennings. The audio was mad low on the CD tho. Bishop said on “King of the Town”….”finger poppin’ on her period is the only time I’m caught red handed.”…lol classic.

It’s a solid mixtape. I still think Bishop needs some polish. He’s got bars and a whole lot to say that’s for sure. The production was average and most tracks Bishop sounds like he’s trying to rip the booth apart. Gotta control that aggression and make it work for you in the flow more. He’s def been through some shit and his music is honest so I can appreciate what he’s trying to do.