Bishop The Greek – Casualties & Closed Caskets

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Bishop The Greek is back. Actually he was back in June and I’m just late with the review. What’s new tho? lol One of if not the most unique voices in hip hop. Not only that he’s not afraid to hit the streets with his product. The internet is one thing and so are the streets but combined it equals success.

I dug the intro. Def a tone setter and it had that spoken word appeal to it too. I had “Hang Your Head” on rewind. Def that head nod. He dropped some knowledge on the track, I can’t front. My favorite track is still “Angel In Hell”. The story telling with a message. If I had to pick a “worst” track it’d be “All Eye’s Still On Me”. Not that the bars were wack, “Street Dream” as a beat to use as a mixtape flip doesn’t cut it.

I’m big on content people and Bishop The Greek has something to say. That in itself says something because rhyming about money, hoes and clothes is the easy way out in 2010. It takes a true MC to take the road less traveled but right now that’s how you separate yourself from the pack.