Black Chiney Presents – Willy Chin….Again

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I didn’t know what to expect from this CD. Dexterity gave the co-sign heavy so I knew it would be some quality mixtape shit but damn! This joint is crazy! Just because they branded the hell out of it and I love shit like that, check out I’m all day with this mixtape people, back to back to back. I looking at the track list of 70 + tracks and the shit just flew by.

“Willy go clean up your room boy”, lol the “Uptown Story” joint had me rolling. Now that’s how you set off a CD people. “Haffi Get It” got me rocking in my ride like I just found a bag of money in the back seat. I thought it couldn’t get any better until the “Not Going Down” and “Err” joints hit. Using Nirvana on the beat for both these was a perfect fit man, highway music people; shit is all about the highway. The “Dutty Wine” joint had me picturing that scene from White Girls when they were singing in the car; that’s a crazy ass beat to flip. “Buss The Nine” is a party starter out in the clubs where I’m at. I’ve seen bitches trample each other trying to hit the dance floor to shake some ass. Willy Chin got that exclusive shit people, he got artist doing songs for him tailored made for his CD’s. Peep “CD Is Crazy”. Cats are doing it up big. Same shit with “Only One Willy Chin”, another crazy ass exclusive joint. He got me checking for Busy Signal and Ward 21 from now on and a little Tony Matterhorn too.

The remixes are crazy and flow with the regular “exclusive” joints to a T. There is a pefect blend of some vocal tracks and that hard ass thumping dance hall. Plus I’m loving the 50 second and sometimes 24 second tracks back to back. They keep the vibe moving and each track builds into the next as the CD gets better and better as you near the end. I could say more but you don’t really wanna fuck up a classic.