Boaz – Monumental Music

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Boaz is back up in here, it’s like he never left really. One thing is for certain cats ain’t playing when it comes to their music this year. Shout to DJ Shef doing his thing too. Music in 2008 is a do-it-yourself mind frame people. If you can’t or won’t do all aspects of your music yourself you might as well go get yourself an extremely high intersest rate loan form a back because that’s all these major labels are offering today. I like how Boaz and his team are handling shit, the music truly speaks for itself; now let’s hear what it’s saying.

“My occupation getting money couldn’t be no other title to it / I don’t hustle to eat I do it cause I like to do it.” Normally I like to hear a high energy track as the first jump off but “The Drill” is just that focused realness, that live ni99a rap if you will. I don’t think I’ve heard a track so far this year that has been as straightforward as this one. “You and I” is all struggle, too many cats can relate to what Boaz has to say on this one. I’m four tracks into this project and the production is slappin’ the shit out of me; cats are doing their thing. “The Switch Up” has the ill sample…those horns man! Oh shit, those horns had me open. I felt like I was going to make a run and cats tried to stick me for my re-up. Shef cutting up “Holla At Me” lovely, Boaz got that Norman Bates flow…sick. “I got that flow that keepin’ coming like a coke addict”…”Just 4 a Moment” has too many dope lines and that hook is some classic shit. Concept wise Boaz lets you into a lil of his world on “Around The Corner” and “Callin Me Back”. My favorite shit on here might just be “Frontin Work”, something about that beat, the hook and the jewels Boaz spit just works man. Cats need to get a neck brace after bumpin’ this on repeat. Is that Black Rob on “The Connection”? Yes it is, damn haven’t heard that voice in a minute, dude is still ill and Boaz went bar for bar. I’m def diggin’ how they ended the project with “Superstar”; Boaz painting that ill picture with the storytelling.

I’ve been rockin’ this mixtape for like a week straight on some fiend shit. I don’t know about ya’ll but to me this is that “War Report” type shit…Boaz is truly keeping that “Live Ni99a” rap alive and poppin’. You listen to other MCs today who try to do it and you just don’t believe ’em but with Boaz you hear that realness in every track. I wanted to give this a classic rating because the balance between the original tracks and the “freestyles” was crazy. Then you got Shef cutting up tracks, highlighting shit properly. Then you got the production which is crazy as cat shit; just enough knock, lil bit of old soul, and the perfect compliment to Boaz’s voice. Then I thought to myself, as tight has this project is, as monumental as this project is right now…I think he can do better. And thats some scary shit right there.