Boaz – The Audio Biography

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The Steel City’s version of NAS (but with a lot more street credibility) is back with that debut album. Enough of the mixtapes, it’s time for Boaz to put it all out there, chest out, head held high taking it on the chin type shit. If you follow the Mullet you know we’ve been beating that drum loud and proud for Boaz for a minute now and his hard work is paying off. That road to success is a long one tho, shit is never easy but if there’s one MC who can make it’s Boaz.

This is an album of theme music. Shit, it’s Boaz’ biography…it better be theme music. I slept on “Back To The Block” initially. Don’t know why but I’ve had it on repeat all day. This sets the tone for the whole CD…peep it: “I was always doing wrong at the right time, having a nice time, crime- paid off but I took a couple days off to write rhymes..” That’s a main part of Boaz’ story in 20 words and it lets you know what to expect on the album. That hook is infectious too…”one day your up one day your down that’s the way it goes…” so true. Gotta love the peaks and valley’s of life. Some people despise skits on albums but that’s character right there. I wish he had more like the “Gettin Mine” skit. “You mutha bitch, son of a fuck” hahaha shit had me rollin’. “Gettin Mine” the song is the anthem. “All we do is grind, summer time to winter time…” I mean is you gettin’ it right now this is your theme music. We all need theme music to life this is for those hustlers. “The Dopeman” stays consistent with that hustlin’ theme. I mean you speak on what you know but in doing that you hope cats relate and that’s how you build those fans. I’m fucking with “Crazy” too. That’s a lil different sound for Boaz but it worked. I can I hear the potential in this song too. It might have legs, we’ll see if they push it or not. The production fits too. Boaz flow stays on some straight forward regal type king shit. I’m listening to “Ghetto Soldier”, zoned out and that beat is real big. Then you got Boaz painting that picture lyrically…good fucking match, cats know they own sound perfectly. I gotta speak on “Steel City” too. Not my favorite track on here but Boaz rep’s for his city like no other. I def admire that shit. You own your city you on your way to owning your region. Bottom line.

street certified all the way around the album, no other way to put it. The bars are up, there’s a message, there’s entertainment, there’s knowledge. I love the fact Boaz just put his whole shit out there. One of the most authentic MCs to touch a MIC this year because of it. He’s giving you his story and not much else he can do. No frontin’, no hype, no bullshit. You either fuck with him or you don’t and that’s how it should be.