Boaz – The Manuscript

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Shout to DJ Shef, keeping me laced with new Boaz music. He consistently does his thing with the skills highlighting the music properly. I’m a lil late with this one so to speak but I’ve been bumping it for a month now like a fiend with a bag full of crack. This is the pre-album mixtape. That album “The Audio Biography” is dropping this month, he says December 9th on here, so if I have to tell you to go pick it up after all the quality music he’s given you over the last few years you need to be shot.

Like I said on his past review Boaz has the potential to get even better on the MIC and it was true. “Story To Tell” drops and I damn near snap my neck. Other MCs talk about spittin’ “real” shit but Boaz actual does it. That’s the bottom line. The new single they pushin’ is “Gettin Mine”. Shef gives you a snippet and truth be told it’s got legs people. That hook is an anthem fo’ real not to mention the picture Boaz paints in the first 50 seconds. One thing Boaz always does is every project is let you know his story, his come up and he sprinkles that in damn near every song he drops. If I had to pick on track to rewind for a whole day it would be “The Art Of Storytelling”. Something about the flow and the visuals you get hearing it…I don’t know man it’s classic mixtape music tho. “If the game takes me or breaks me I hope it makes me a better man..” is the hook for “A Better Man”. Boaz give you the ills of the hustle game like no other MC out right now. As far as mixtape flips go, Boaz goes in on Robin Thicke’s “Magic” like a vet. Peep his flow on this one, that’s the mark of a quality MC…showing flashes of Rakim in the flow people.

When I listen to Boaz I hear Nas from “It Was Written”. That prophetic, g’d up and honest music. Right now throw in the ability to weave a message into the bars and better production and it’s Boaz. I’ll tell you the difference between Boaz and the majority of other MCs out now who think their the shit. Boaz creates theme music with heart and soul. He gives the people a soundtrack to live by and learn by and that’s why he has now.