Boaz – The Phenomenal

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Pittsburg laying the smack down on hip hop right now. If you didn’t read The Govament review and peep the mixtape a while back then you def need to scoop this joint up. Boaz is a member of The Govment for you slow people with your head in the clouds. Cats are on that thug ya mother shit like Marvin from Baby Boy incase you want to know what the vibe is. The one and only DJ Shef keeps it moving so I know the skills are proper on here. You gotta love that title too…The Phenomenal.

“I carry the weight of the strip on my shoulders / bricks for my workers / clips for my soldiers.” That sums up “Dollar For Dollar” to a T. Shef with the cuts on the hook was nice man. That’s how I want all my hooks to be man. I’ve heard “Good Fellaz” before and it never gets old. Sean Price with guest bars and it’s a good fit. You know Shef on the cuts again with the hook. Peep the horns on “Fight For Freedom”, they had me open. This is a track I can vibe to right here. Boaz got the verbal paint brush working overtime on this one. That freestyle on track 12 needs a remix or something to officially get it out. Too many boom bangin’ bars to waste it as just a lone freestyle…rewind this shit if you get a chance. The beat for “What’s Up” grew on me cause it annoyed the hell out of me at first. “These kids gettin’ played out like FUBU gear / I shit on the track / leave it with the doo doo smear.” The true sleeper track of the project is the erie “Fire It Up” with Kev The Hustla, so don’t sleep.

I fuck with Boaz on the MIC because he reminds me of Tragedy Khadafi. Not so much with the content but with the delivery and command of his lyrics. Some cats got a voice that holds ya ear and a presence that makes you listen to what their saying. It’s one of those things were you either got it or you don’t. Boaz def has room to grow on the MIC including his content/concepts. It’s one of those things were you know he’s got a solid foundation and you can see the potential…whether or not he reaches that potential is all up to him.