Bob Kennedy & DJ Lust – Campaign Trail

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Welcome Bob Kennedy to the review section people. Crack City Productions is in the building again, AFF as well, and they def left their mark all over this CD. DJ Lust is holding down hosting duties like only he can do. I actually think he could’ve put more drops on this project. That patented “Lust” echoing out the speakers is a good look for anyone. Bob Kennedy is on the Campaign Trail, not sure why he is unless this is part of his Mayoral Campaign for where ever he lives. I know most states have mid-term elections coming up real soon.

After hearing the first couple tracks I can honestly say I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I was going to be. “Back In Da Game” as the first joint threw me off. You get a little background info on Bob in the intro but I was still scratching my head a little as to what happened the first time out the box for dude. The first well rounded track I heard was “Nobody Can”. The tracks before this one sounded forced but this joint came off natural and genuine. “Shootem Up Baby” got that bounce. Bob picking up the pace with the flow is a better look. I gotta ride with Lust on “Gangsta Lean” being the favorite track of the CD. Production wise it’s got that commercial appeal and that Eazy E vocal sample is genius. Bob sounds comfortable on the beat too while also showing he has some versatility on the MiC. As for the colabo’s, “Stack Doe” is that shit. Beat wise this is def that hard white corner boy music. This track right here needs to make the mixtape rounds real quick. Easily the most creative track of the CD, “In The Midnight Hour” samples Billy Idol to perfection. I thought Bob’s flow was a little choppy on this one tho. I’m not gonna call this a sleeper track but mos def the most polished all around track of the CD is “The Bad Guy”. This is the type of beat that compliments Bob’s sound and again he sounds comfortable and confident on the beat. The outro track sheds a little more light on what Bob went through making this CD all the while sounding more focused than ever.

The thing that stands out the most to me on this project is the production. Crack City got beats man. You can tell that all the different producers have their own style and that’s refreshing. Bob Kennedy can rhyme, that’s def shown here. He has a monotone type flow tho so on some joints he’s blending in to much with the beat and the beat itself is outshining him. The thing about a project like this is it shows the potential of what could be. He’s got an ill team behind him, the production especially. This project is another brick in the foundation while I hope Bob keeps his eye on the prize.